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    6th GEN (Z34)

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  • Gender Male
  • Location Ballarat
  • Interests Motorsport and Red Wine (consumption). I have been testing the theory for the past 30 years that red wine consumption occurs in three differeing quantities: social, therapeutic and industrial strength ..... but have yet to draw any conslusions, other than "I like red wine".
  • Car 2009 Z34 6MT Coupe

Status Feed

  1. BGTV8

    Off to Philip Island with race car for last round of Vic State Circuit Racing championships. Only Sandown Historics and Sports/GT at PI with the V8Supercar circus in Nov and that is it for another year.

  2. BGTV8

    Philip Island 6-hour relay this Sat/Sun. I am running in Team 6 and there are a couple of other Zed's as well

    1. CHZ

      Is it free entry Robin?

  3. BGTV8

    Great weekend at Sandown for Vic State Champs - win and 2 seconds in MG/All British and 6tn On Open Sports cars (beaten by F458 GT3, A Daytona Coupe, R8 LMS Ultra and 2 MY13 911 GT3 Cup S, all with PB of 1:16.4 and promise of 15's to come. A great weekend

  4. BGTV8

    No-one back from Xmas yet, been awfully quiet on the forum

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      I've been around but yeah seems a bit dead!

    3. badthing


    4. Onikage_87

      People are using the fb group page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1446998258847149/

      as they are more familiar with fb than navigating our forums.

  5. BGTV8

    Booked into Events O'Neill Sandowns Drive Day on 18th Dec. Time to give the car a spanking again !!

    1. keefo43

      time to bust out a PB.

    2. BGTV8

      Yep, 1:26.9 but clutch is now slipping. PITA

  6. BGTV8

    What a ripper weekend ... 1m42s at PI in the race car. Happy Camper !!

    1. 3FiddyZ

      Personal Best?

    2. BGTV8

      Nope, I held the Sports Car lap record at PI back in 1992 with a 1m41.7 but it is close !!

  7. BGTV8

    Off to PI on Saturday to test prior to VSCRC Round 4 on 4/5 Oct. Hopefully driveline vibration is gone !!

    1. keefo43

      good luck and good driving

    2. CHZ

      Good luck Robin.

    3. BGTV8

      What a day - did a low 1m 43s but a binding front sway bar, so that needs to be fixed, and the oil line from the dry sump tank to the oil pump has sprung a slow leak so that needs to be fixed before the car goes onto the trailer on Friday. Lots to do !!!

  8. BGTV8

    Competed in the Vic 6-Hour Relay @ Pilip Island - what a blast ....

  9. BGTV8

    Multiple ZClub members running at Philip Island in the 6-Hour Resaly this weeked. Practise on Sat, race starts @ 10am Sunday and finishes @ 4pm.

  10. BGTV8

    Well, Round 3 of VSCRC this weekend - another attempt top go motor racing - but if it is wet, I am off to the pub !!

    1. BGTV8

      So, event ended early ... driveline noise, diff and gearbox out for teardown and inspection ... Oh - the joys of motorsport ..

  11. BGTV8

    Vic State Championship Motor Racing @ Sandown this weekend. Race car on the trailer and ready to go !!!!

    1. pez5

      good luck, good traction, good cornering, good braking and a chequered flag.

    2. lupo_nero

      good luck man!!

    3. BGTV8

      PITA - pulled a ball-joint out the lower suspension arm on 4th lap of quali (on pole too) and had to put the car on the trailer ...

  12. BGTV8

    Back on line after successfull surgery .. another week cooling heels at home and them bacl to work. MotorSport resumes at VSCRC2 in May.

    1. Mo

      Glad you're ok mate

    2. Pierre

      Good news:)

  13. BGTV8

    Into hospital tomorrow for some surgery to repair consequence of 2011 laparotomy. Be out of action for a week. Be back online in a weeks time.

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    2. Jon370z

      Good luck with the recovery.

    3. Mo

      All the best mate

    4. CHZ

      Take care Robin

  14. BGTV8

    Well yesterday was a eye-opener .. fires in Warrandyte were far too close and we self-evacuated for the day .. 3 house lost, but we are safe .. beginning to re-think this idyliic bush-setting !!

    1. pez5

      Good to hear your safe. I've done it and it's always on your mind and always clearing.

  15. BGTV8

    Just setting up the IQ3 loggin dash in the Zed ...... but the dash mount is going to be a real PITA

  16. BGTV8

    Fast moving grass fire in Kangaroo Ground (Vic) heading South towards Warrandyte - at 16:30 still out of control

    1. CHZ

      I think it's under control now but be careful Robin.

  17. BGTV8

    SPL FUCA installed today, these are beeeooootiful. Next track is unfortunately a long way away as Dr has taken away race license until mid-Jan.

    1. keefo43

      Ralph sent me a photo of your arms and asked me to guess who they were for. To easy. He said they are the ducks nuts

  18. BGTV8

    F4rk, fire alarm, just gone off .. time to dust off the fire plan ....

    1. BGTV8

      Local grass fire - now extinguished ...

    2. CHZ

      Glad it's under control.

  19. BGTV8

    Sitting here doing bookwork and BAS ... WoFtaM ...

    1. pez5

      me too. #&*k

  20. BGTV8

    Lobbed into NY last nite, beer and steak but woke up @ 3am. Fark - now have to stay awake until 7pm for phone call with OZ. Why do I do this ! Ah - I remember, is to pay for motorsport ...

    1. Rogue01

      Theres much much worse jobs out there ;) 3am is my usual get up time anyway!

    2. keefo43

      got to love NYC

  21. BGTV8

    Well, KW Ver 3 installed, ride heights set, sway-bar drop link issue fixed, engine, gearbox and diff oil changedm new pads to bed today, all ready for 6-Hour at PI this weekend in the Zed.

    1. Kam80

      Good luck! My mate will be there in his WRX, I think he's competing with RMIT (or some university).

    2. BGTV8

      Was a ripper weekend, but the weather was attrocious. Belting with rain for the last session, and car aquaplaning at anything over 180kph. Almost slid of at T12 travelling at 130kph. Sphincter tighteneing for sure ...

  22. BGTV8

    6-Hour relay this weekend at Philip Island. I am running my 370Z as part of Team Wildehund with GSCCC.

    1. Majestik

      Photos please!

    2. keefo43

      Good luck Robin. Have a great time.

  23. BGTV8

    Crap, torrential rain yesterday at Sandown and small moment exiting T4 put the race car into the fence. Poo, now off to the panel beaters (flesh wound onyl though)

  24. BGTV8

    Finally have race car ready for Vic Champs Round 3 next weekend. Hubs rebuilt, stids replaced, oil change to do tomorrow and ready to go onto the trailer

    1. keefo43

      Good luck robin was going to come watch but MSCA on at PI.

    2. CHZ

      Is it going to be at Sandown?

    3. BGTV8

      Yes, at Sandown

  25. BGTV8

    Disaster at Sandown, after the morning sports car race in damp conditions (on slicks), we out in MG and British Sports and sheared 4 wheel studs on the start (P2) and lost a rear wheel, the entire field is behind and went past without hitting me (sh1tting bricks at the time). Need to :"life" the wheels studs !! Bugga ....

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    2. pez5

      Someone was watching over you.

    3. BGTV8

      Yep, you are a complete passenger in those circumstances. The F458 GT3 was not so lucky in a later race - is not a cheap fix

    4. Majestik

      Shit Robin! Glad you're OK!