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  1. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Softer ride with standard road clearance?   

    Talk to Murray Coote Suspension www.mcasuspension.com.au
    If you go softer in spring, you will need to rasie the ride height "a bit" - maybe a half inch or so, but MCA can guide you.
  2. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Final drive   

    3.9 you won't really notice the SRM but with 4.08 you will.
    ECUTEK tune can correct it
  3. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    My Z34 regularly tops out at 225-240 at PI on entry to T1 (5th not 6th)
    If it hits a wall then the engine is not breathing.
    The OEM headers are pretty good so a flat panel filter and CATS would be the first place to look for an engine which is being strangled, If they are OK, lok at air metering (AFM)
    Has the car received regular maintenance ??  Any maintenance been skipped that might affect the engines ability to breath OR cause increased drag (wheel bearings, brake drag etc)
  4. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Metallic grinding / ticking noise when turning right   

    Front wheel bearing most likely.  How many K's on the car ?
  5. BGTV8 added a post in a topic SPL Have announced their adjustable 370Z FUCA   

    Order from the Yewsa. I have never found anyone who carries stock in Australia
  6. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Steering Problem   

    This is normal ... it is a consequence of scrub radius being less than ideal.
  7. BGTV8 added a post in a topic 2j in a 370z   

    What works in a 350Z with HR engine should work in a 370z - same basic architecture underneath .... but "why"
  8. BGTV8 added a post in a topic WTB: Short Ram intakes for 350z   

    www.importpartspro.com ships to Oz
  9. BGTV8 added a post in a topic 370z Aftermarket Seats   

    I have seen Recaro's in a Z34 but they are expensive as they come with an airbag - around $3.5K plus fitting.
    If you fit a non-airbag equipped seat and drive on the road, you are at risk of a defect notice from Mr Plod.
  10. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Engine light   

    You need the CEL code. Requires a OBDII reader to extract the code from the car.  Jaycar sell them.
    Lost traction light is just that  ....  be a bit more delicate with your right foot.
  11. BGTV8 added a post in a topic PPE Long tube headers or HFC+Headers   

    Stillen shorties with HFC is one alternative. also Z1 MotorSport shorties plus HFC
    There is no doubt that Long Tube headers perform better but they lack cats and that can cost you a lot of money if caught by officialdom. If a pure race car, then yes, they are the ultimate.
    If you want bragging rights for the most expensive headers (remember, you still need the rest of the system) then be my guest .... but I would not pay $6-8K for headers and the rest of the exhaust system.
  12. BGTV8 added a post in a topic PPE Long tube headers or HFC+Headers   

    Yep, look good but over $4K there are better options.
  13. BGTV8 added a post in a topic NEED experienced advice on HiFlo Cats   

    I've run 100-cell BERK HFC in my 370Z for 6 years and have never thrown a code.
    They are not legal though ....... EPA approved minimum is 200-cell
  14. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Lowered car - RCA and LCA   

    OP, you are playing with fire here ............ If you clearly have no idea about suspension and are intent on tracking it when an incorrectly set up suspension an cause significant car damage and or injury to the driver.
    Changing the front roll centre without changing the rear roll centre will affect the way the car rolls under lateral load and that cause cause snap over-steer which most track-day newbies simply cannot cope with - usually you spin into the fence and damage the car.
    Forums ARE NOT in the main a source of reliable information - yes, you can find gems but in the main what you get is personal assertion dressed up as incontrovertible fact.
    If you do not possess the knowledge, consult a suspension specialist to arrive at a setup that suits you.  Starting with cr4p purchased off the web that is not well researched is about the worst place to start - all you will do is risk turning your car into a pig.
    The NISMO 370Z race cars in the US Grand Am series did not need to relocate suspension pickups  and they were plenty fast.
    I've been tracking my Z34 since 2009 on standard pickup points (replacement FUCA for negative camber only) and am comfortably close to 1m50s at PI and mid 20's at Sandown.
    Can I ask what you feel in the car now that requires a lowered roll centre ??
  15. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Best recaro seats for track days & everyday use   

    Nope - track guys I know swap OEM seat for track-day seat and back again.
    I do know one guy who fitted an air-bag equipped Recaro after market but he paid nearly 4K for seat and fitting