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  1. ChantiZ added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Amuse R1 Titan Progress or R1 Titan Extra???
    Hey all, I have decided to get an Amuse catback exhaust and have been given two options - Progress and Extra. The website is in Japanese and I’m not really sure what the difference between the two is. I was told the Extra was the louder option but both are 93db. I want a deep tone that isn’t ridiculously loud so that the whole world knows I’m arriving when I’m in the next suburb. Watching videos on you tube I think I like the sound of the Progress model better but it is so hard to make a decision. Planning to install front pipe and hfc after my warranty expires early next year. Any help on the differences between the two models would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance Chantelle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  2. ChantiZ added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Exhaust Help - Ark Performance DT-S or GRiP? Or Motordyne Shockwave E370?
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a stock MY13 370z and am looking into purchasing a cat-back exhaust system.
    I want a deep tone - not raspy and no hissing - and do not want it to be ridiculously loud.
    I am trying to decide between the following:
    1. Ark Performance DT-S 
    2. Ark Performance GRiP 
    3. Motordyne Shockwave E370
    Garage 88 has also recommended the Greddy PE-R but I have not been able to find any videos or information for 370z. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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