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    3rd GEN (Z31)
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  • Car Nissan 370z (2012 Black Edition)

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  1. MIS55Z

    The wait.....

  2. MIS55Z

    Who's keen for a coffee run today

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    2. ugame

      im keen

    3. MIS55Z

      Sorry ugame

      Add me on fb ill invite u next time

      Vivian Le

    4. ugame

      Have done now but I was kidding. I'm in Perth ;)

  3. MIS55Z

    Hmmm what's next?

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    2. ech3lon

      twin turbo.

    3. Luke1905


    4. MIS55Z


      Coilovers it is

  4. MIS55Z

    Looking forward to installing GRUPPPEE MMM on saturday

    1. TK370


    2. badthing

      Good stuff :)

    3. MIS55Z

      Yes really

  5. MIS55Z

    This kit is taking too long....:(

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    2. ech3lon

      ^^^ its not too late to take 2 years, there can still be further... delays. :P

    3. REEP3R

      wat u buy?

    4. MIS55Z

      R u serious 2 yrs ..,

      Oh it's sunline racing kit

  6. MIS55Z

    Sway BAR... Ohhh Yeah!

    1. Rysiie

      nice ! which one?

    2. badthing

      Whiteline, Hotchkis, Hellwig, Progress, Ultra Racing, Stillen, Cusco, Nismo or Eibach?

    3. MIS55Z

      Lol whiteline

  7. MIS55Z

    Depressed!!!! Poor rims

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    2. Rysiie

      i hit the curb today too :(

    3. Opal78

      Yeah I did most of mine within the first month, haven't scratched any since... used to the car width now.

    4. Majestik

      You started a trend!

  8. MIS55Z

    I missssssss my Z!!!

    1. badthing

      you will see it soon :)

    2. Rogue01

      Where did it go?

    3. MIS55Z

      It went to get a bodysuit:(

      But I'll see it tomorrow finally after 2 weeks

  9. MIS55Z

    What a drive

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    2. MZZ350


    3. MIS55Z


    4. MIS55Z


  10. MIS55Z

    Can't wait for the meet

  11. MIS55Z

    Feeling the love by the zclub members

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. 3FiddyZ

      We're not a bad bunch of people are we? :D

    3. MIS55Z

      Why except ech3lon? :(

    4. MIS55Z

      @ 3fiddyz

      U guys are awesome