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  1. Pierre added a post in a topic CUSCO LSD + 4.08 FG   

    hi BG
    The gears are coming from the states - but I guess we all can only speculate until I get an itemised quote of sorts...which I have asked for.
    Thank you for the reply.
  2. Pierre added a post in a topic CUSCO LSD + 4.08 FG   

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm assured I don't need another stub axle.....
    This complete diff will also be freighted up - going to do a little haggling.
    I'm thinking my OEM diff as a direct core exchange - 100,xxxkm of use but should be worth something.
    Will also ask for a itemised list of quote.
    ...side note - I work in a BMW dealership so I'll be able to get my diff installed for a bottle or carton of firewater
  3. Pierre added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    CUSCO LSD + 4.08 FG
    I have decided to finally get around to getting a new LSD to replace OEM LSD.
    I chose Cusco because I have used them before reliably - personal preference - also comfort in the knowledge that I don't need to worry about having to replace any driveshafts etc...direct fit replacement.
    Basically my question is what are forum members thoughts for the price quoted to me.
    Complete bolt in solution with LSD and final gear ratio installed / new shims / bearings - the complete unit.
    All inclusive with labour..... $4k.
    Does this sound fair enough?
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  4. Pierre added a post in a topic ABS SENSOR   

    and I'll need to call around wreckers interstate
  5. Pierre added a post in a topic ABS SENSOR   

    Checked all the connections, nothing visual - cleaned off rock and bitumen....still kaput.
    Forgot to take a pic.........sorry.

  6. Pierre added a post in a topic ABS SENSOR   

    The sensor visually does not looked damaged at all - it came about that it was damaged via code diagnostic plug in....and a bloody little rock stuck to the side ( that is a bitumen covered one obviously flicked up) 
    It hasn't really effected the car - just VDC dash lights reminding me it should be fixed.
  7. Pierre added a post in a topic ABS SENSOR   

    Thanks for the reply.
    ABS sensor from rock - kaput.
    I rang the dealership who sold the car originally quoting the VIN No. - Left & Right front are exactly the same - $317.00 +GST per unit quoted.
    Car is 2009 Sports (Brembo's/LSD etc) I will need to confirm part numbers etc - thanks....Will try to get that to you as soon as I can.
    I will take your suggestion regarding the wreckers first - didn't think of that.
    I'm going to put up the pics and info up tonight for the throttle body cleaning I did w/end last - the direct link is
    Thanks for your help
  8. Pierre added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Hi folks,
    It has been many moons since I was last here - but I have had nothing but complete reliability with my Zed
    That is until just lately.
    I have my car booked  in with Pedders to change my brake pads / machine my rotors - located a set of 4 Endless mx72 pads via Race Brakes Melbourne (Howard - great bloke ph - 03 9687 7233).
    Couple of months ago I had an ABS brake sensor go kaput - front right. While the car isn't affected braking or handling (as long as you don't drive like an f-wit) I thought I would get the sensor replaced - ringing around Australia OEM genuine - I am looking at $317.00 per unit.
    I was wondering if the ABS sensors are shared with any other Nissan makes (ie 350z's / infinity's etc) If it is - thought it might be cheaper? Perhaps there are generic ABS sensors that will suit? That is my question with this post.
    Looking toward the future -
    I am looking at getting  Pedders Sportsryder Extreme XA coil overs. I have Pedders Sportsryder springs with original shocks - no complaints but OEM shocks have hit 100 thousand km)  generic cast/camber hardware where needed. upgrading bushes suspension componants. Also engine mount/transmission urethane bushes (Z1) inclusive diff bushes (thank you to BGTV8 for the contact to reach) Had brake lines custom steel braids made up (as well as the clutch line) $600 all up - definitely feel the difference in the pedal when braking. On a side note I finally fixed my CEL problem after all the bolt on breather mods I did - cleaned my throttle bodies over the weekend, and amazingly have much better fuel economy and throttle response.....why I didn't think to do this a year ago is beyond me. I haven't done a tune either as yet - so it could be cleaning throttle bodies could be the alternative to getting a tune while NA. Cost 2 hours of elbow grease and a few dollars for the throttle body product. I sourced the procedure thru G37 forums - I will upload pics and notation for procedure in the appropriate section of this forum for everybody else. 
    Cheers in advance for answers to my main query.
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  9. Pierre added a post in a topic New exhaust set up.   


    In my haste to get the pics and crappy looking vids up (sorry about the quality)
    I took off the the X-force full exhaust (from HFC) and had it all replaced with 2.25 inch stainless all the way thru to magnaflow mufflers - opted out for chrome tips and went for basic and plain .... no bling. A little bit of cutting and re-welding was needed to get the right angles etc - but the end result is as you see and hear it.

    Driven sedately, there is no problem with drawing attention from the fuzz, but as with all modded cars - plant your foot and it gets loud to be noticed..... of course I wouldn't be a fool to do that at my age *coff coff*

    I'm trying to get some of inside the car while driving to record the burbles etc at normal daily driving speed limits.

  10. Pierre added a post in a topic New exhaust set up.   

    sorry for vid

  11. Pierre added a post in a topic New exhaust set up.   

    sorry for vids


  12. Pierre added a post in a topic New exhaust set up.   

    sorry for vids being sideways


  13. Pierre added a post in a topic New exhaust set up.   


    Finally got pics and vids. Sorry about quality of the pics and the vids (sideways???? upload) that's a pain.

    Any way footage taken on road was 150km away in the scrub on roads 130km/ph speed limit - no burn outs skids etc - so don't lecture me please.

    Dyno still to happen - keep you posted.

  14. Pierre added a post in a topic XForce CBE for 370z Manual Coupe   


    I had the same problem with my x-force one outlet longer than the other - my mechanic shortened the offending bit and welded it back on - very fiddly but did the job and made it very even.

  15. Pierre added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    New exhaust set up.
    Hello Zed people,

    Been a while - new job has me taken up.

    I thought I would share a bit regarding my exhaust set up.

    Custom headers
    100 cell Hi - flow cats
    X-force CBE

    That was all fine and dandy and i have made vids of how it sounds somewhere around on the forums - nice and throaty.

    Well a few weeks ago My CEL light came on and wouldn't go away. Did the battery disconnect thing etc. No joy.

    So I got to thinking - for some reason, perhaps my exhaust set up was not allowing full flow and was a little restricted somewhere?.....

    Well i bit the bullet and decided that because my custom headers and Cats are VERY hi-flow - then I've got a commercial CBE attached. Why don't i Just go custom ALL the way through.

    So thats what I did from the Cats back. The X-force was removed and set aside to keep later (probably for when the wife has the car when I am away I can swap it over for her ) And my mechanic replaced 2.25inch all the way back thru to 2 smallish Magnaflow hi-flow mufflers. Left and Right side bank of cylinders have their own dedicated exhaust thru.

    Well it's louder than before - not any louder than worked v8's or worked Suburu wrx's. I find it very appealing and very 'honest' sounding. DEEEP and very 'how it should sound'. Throaty, no rasp. I find myself able to start from standstill in 3rd gear When driven sedately, you can hear every little revolution rev change and 'detailed' burbles when off the gas - just everything the engine is doing you can hear it.....it very much reminds me of the sound of a track Porsche NA stroker. My mechanic took it for a test drive and didn't want to get out. He was very happy with the result.

    It feels like that I actually seem to have extra rpm's to play with each gear - is that actually possible?? (somebody chime in here and let me know?)

    I have driven this set up 500km now and my CEL has not come back. There is definate extra torque and acceleration has definately improved thru the mid range.

    What I like the most is that the exhaust looks simple and unassuming - no big chrome tips, or bling hanging off the rear. Very simple, and fuctional. Actually looks a little closer to stock lol.

    All this talk and no pics??? I will get some up very shortly from drive by, inside - changing gears it sounds very nice to me , and a standstill rev one.

    I think I have gotten my exhaust as close to race - as i could possibly get with out goig over the top and being illegal.

    Interestingly enough - my last dyno i did with the exhaust set up I had before was making a bees dick over 300hp at the rear wheels - I'm going to try to see what it will do now. Not that the hp will change much but the torque is what I would like to know.
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