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  1. IanzZed added a post in a topic Solenoids either side under bonnet/hood latches – what are they?   

    Hi Ausmo
    they are pyrotechnic solenoids.
    if you hit a pedestrian ( or anything hard) , they fire off and lift the bonnet up at the back to help cushion the impact of said pedestrian.
    there are sensors in the front of the car that sense when something hits the front hard enough.
  2. IanzZed added a post in a topic Cold air Intake   

    Stillen Gen 3 Ultralong tube cold air intake added 13kw on the dyno.
    Stillen Headers, HFC's and CBE plus CAI dyno'd at 235kw.
    Stillen Lightweight flywheel and clutch minus the HFC's (didn't like the sound) was about 225kw.
    I posted the dyno charts some time in early 2013.
  3. IanzZed added a post in a topic Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust - Which one?   

    That's awesome.... 700bhp.   on the road or on the track?
  4. IanzZed added a post in a topic Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust - Which one?   

    That's pretty consistent with the dyno results I got from my Z with same configuration except full Stillen, not tuned yet.
    I took the HFC's off due to noise, but put on lightweight pulley and Flywheel. dyno is close to the same.
  5. IanzZed added a post in a topic Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust - Which one?   

    Not so amazing. without messing with the engine, 250rwkw should be achievable.
    I drove a Ferrari 458 spyder in Italy a couple of weeks ago, (400 euro - 30mins!! ), 575hp NA V8. 1500kg..
    This was amazing. The noise this thing makes at 9000rpm pushes all the right buttons... :-))
    To anyone contemplating visiting the Ferrari museum in Maranello, save up your pacific pesos and give it a rip.
    Stillen SC is back on the shopping list...
  6. IanzZed added a post in a topic Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust - Which one?   

    CAI, Headers, HFC and CBE, but took the HFC's off until I can do something about the noise. Will try the resonators.
    Hasn't had a tune, but with everything installed the dyno shows the AFR ratio is still good.
    Was 235kw on the dyno with the HFC on. Was about 223KW without. Since putting the lightweight pulley and flywheel and clutch on, back to 230kw on the dyno.
    The dyno guys reckon there could be between 10 - 15kw in a tune, but no guarentees. When I get time will get this done.
    Is much more interesting to drive since the lwp and flywheel were installed.
  7. IanzZed added a post in a topic Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust - Which one?   

    Thanks. I'll give it a go when i get time..
  8. IanzZed added a post in a topic Lightweight Flywheel and stuff   

    Thanks for the comments guys.
    Read the thread on the input shaft bearing (and a whole bunch of other threads on the net) before i went down this path. 
    as far as the harmonics go, see link below, is a reasonable explanation of what the pulley does on the 370z.
    I searched and searched, and only found oblique references to LWP's and oil pump failures on the 370z.
    Does anyone know anyone who's actually had a failure???
    The way i look at it, if you're chasing hp, you rolls the dice and takes your chances....
    Have had a chance to do a few clicks on it over the last few days, and i'd have to say i'm impressed...
  9. IanzZed added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Lightweight Flywheel and stuff
    Light weight pulley and flywheel / clutch installed, zed back today.
    Dyno'd at 231.3kw.
    clutch out, neutral, at idle, as per expectations, sounds like a few tools left in gearbox. but i can live with it. New clutch is a bit heavier.
    Driving in stop start traffic will be a bitch. without the mass more revs required.
    Engine spins up quicker. A big difference in spinning mass between old parts and Stillen pulley, flywheel and clutch kit.
    No noticible change in vibration. Motor hasn't exploded yet, but, early days... ;-))
    Gained (recovered) a few KW's at the rear wheels.
    Dyno results attached. (370z_2)  Yellow line is just the lightweight pulley. Blue line is the pulley and Flywheel.
    This is without the Stillen HFC's which i removed a few weeks ago cause i couldnt stand the noise.
    Last dyno (370z_1), with CAI, headers, HFC's, and cat back exhaust, tipped in at 234.9kw.
    Previous dyno without HFC's was 221kw and 225kw, two seperate occasions.
    So realistically, the lwp and lwfw have recovered somewhere between 6 and 10kw, and shed more than a few kilo's.
    HFC's going back on in the next couple of weeks, i think i have a solution to the noise, so will be interesting to see what the dyno says.
    Target is 250kw (with Tune) from NA motor.
    A couple of notes on the Dyno.
    Apparently makes little difference whether 4th or 5th gear is used, 5th will read same or slightly higher due to increased resolution of the calculation, related to the time taken to get to full revs due to gear ratios.
    Mainline dyno's are used at a lot of competition meets, and are regarded as being fairly accurate. i'm sure that everyone with a dyno will reckon there's is the best, at the end of the day, you go with what you have access to. :-))
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  10. IanzZed added a post in a topic Stillen Supercharger- waste of time on a Semi-Auto?   

    Stillen SC is my next thing when i finish squeezing the last KW from NA engine.
    Not sure about other states, but most likely requires an engineers cert in Victoria, 370z doesnt come standard with SC or TT's.
    So, maybe worth contacting your local friendly engineer before starting the installation.
    Stillen sc is a bit more like a turbo in operation, as it is a fan, not a compressor like the roots,
    See also Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14.
  11. IanzZed added a post in a topic Intake mistake?   

    did a fair bit of research into this, most modern engines, including the VQ are internally balanced, so provided the lightweight bits are balanced then no issue.
    there is an issue around undamped noise due to no damping in the pulley or flywheel, but it doesn't affect the motor.
    as far as the NVH and harmonics go, see the link, which describes it pretty well, even tho he's pushing his own barrow.
    This topic was covered exhaustively in the US Z car forums, and various other forums / sites, and the net result is the same, no real issue.
    Sooo, i'm not worried.... really I'm not, not even a little bit ;-))
    if my engine disintegrates into a cloud of broken crank bits and oil smoke, then everyone can shake their heads and say we warned him...
  12. IanzZed added a post in a topic Intake mistake?   

    The lightweight pulley. considered the underdrive, but not sure on the net result of spinning all the front bits slower.
    KF365. Checked out a couple of the videos on the link above. Nice. exactly the same engine mods + the uprev tune.
    once i get the lightweight bits in it's going in for a tune. the dyno guys reckon that there could be 10 - 15kw in the tune based on the AFR on 235kw dyno. (HFC's installed)
  13. IanzZed added a post in a topic Intake mistake?   

    double the power.... hey, i'm goin for the 20" chromes, to hell with the engine mods..... :-))
    Clutch as well.
    Will post dyno and drive impression when installed.
    Removed HFC's (stillen) after a few weeks's, not young enough for that amount of noise.. :-((
    Still contemplating how to soften the bellow without losing the power. the HFC's added 14kw at the wheels, so keen to get it back. 
    if anyones got any ideas, i'm listening.
  14. IanzZed added a post in a topic Intake mistake?   

    h,mmm, interesting comment, Scotty's customs.
    8000km on the clock when I put the gen 3 intakes on, so no, filters not full of crap... dyno'd stock and then after each mod.
    have posted dyno results for all mods on another thread. 235.something kw at the rear wheels. My comment was Stillen claims on power gains are pretty much spot on.
    have dyno'd every change, so I know what each mod does.
    stillens dyno results. http://www.stillen.com/prodfiles/402852~dyno.pdf.
    Will post my dyno results when I get time.
    Lightweight pulley and flywheel just arrived, so these will be on and dyno'd in the next couple of weeks.
  15. IanzZed added a post in a topic Intake mistake?   

    BGTV8 covers it nicely.
    i have the Stillen long tube intakes, added near as 13kw on the dyno.
    oil temp gets hot on hot days in traffic.
    They need airflow to work.
    I dont find them overly noisy, but you know their there.
    Not my daily drive, but dont have any problem heading into the city
    BUT, coupled with the other mods on the exhaust, driving through winding mountain roads becomes a bit more entertaining, both aurally and physically.
    would i take them off? Uhmm, not.