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  1. zed34 added a post in a topic To Sell or Not To   

    +1 For S15 in good condition. They are exceptional cars to have a bit of fun with.

    Are you concered about the age of the car, or just want a fun weekender?

    I was in the same situation after selling my 370 and I decided on this setup:

    Daily driver Golf GTI - Fun and practical car, comfort, etc
    Weekender R32 GTR - Cheap car that is miles faster than anything else for 20k
  2. zed34 added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Evan out for a cruise
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  3. zed34 added a post in a topic New 240Z for 2014?   

    Dam I hope they make the 240 again! I think a high revving 4cyl could be ok, but we would definitley want to see a turbo varient.

    Very true about the original Fairlady. I spoke to an owner of one of these in America earlier this year. Very cool car. It's called the Datsun 2000 Roadster.

  4. zed34 added a post in a topic Nissan 370z VS Toyota GT 86   

    One of my favorite cars of all time! They have aged so well...

    You should get one!

    They are reliable if you don't tune the t1ts off them. As long as the timing is not too aggressive and you avoid pre-detonation, then they make huge power and are reliable.

    Back on topic.....stick to your 370 and add turbos!

  5. zed34 added a post in a topic best brake rotors ?   

    I just fitted RDA rotors to my GTR.
  6. zed34 added a post in a topic Speeding Fine / License Suspension Advice   

    Thinking outside the box....what if your friend obtained his motorbike license while his car license was suspended? Does that work? I don't know.
  7. zed34 added a gallery image in Member's Galleries   


    In album: sellyourPlate

    1 image in this album
  8. zed34 added a post in a topic Nissan 370z VS Toyota GT 86   

    Power problem solved

  9. zed34 added a post in a topic Post up your sexy wheels   

    +1 for GT-C face II These old school wheels still look awesome. They used to appear on Supras back in the late 90s
  10. zed34 added a post in a topic Nissan 370z VS Toyota GT 86   

    RWD wins in my books
  11. zed34 added a comment on a gallery image Zed34 012   

  12. zed34 added a post in a topic Nissan 370z VS Toyota GT 86   

    Ok so I went for a ride in a mates 86 yesterday. We all know the power needs attention, but overall for $32k drive away it's a pretty cool little car. At this price, nothing on the market compares...and this lowball price also means you car spend on Immediate upgrades like coilovers, wheels, tyres and a SC.

  13. zed34 added a post in a topic Air from vents smelling ?   

    I have an AC filter for a 370 if anyone wants it? I never used it before selling my car.

    I'll give it to Ronnie to give away at the next Vic meet.
  14. zed34 added a post in a topic Nissan takes aim at Toyota's 86   

    FWD = FAIL

    I hope the decision makers at Nissan realise that the only reason the 86/BRZ is so sucessful, is because it's RWD and soon to be the new drift cult car....period.

    AWD is a real 90's era thing from the Evo's and WRX brigade....dead for now.

    Drift, drift, drift.
  15. zed34 added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Wheel fitment guides with images - www.rimtuck.com

    Not sure if you've seen this, but it's an awesome site for comparing wheel/tyre fitments from other owners.

    Upload your stats with pictures to help others choose the best combination.

    Here's the 370z search

    Here the 350z search
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