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  1. E@CPC added a post in a topic KW V3 coil overs   

    Hi Kammo - I think I see what your getting at...But its not entirely correct re preloading the main spring. On the KW, you'll see the helper spring onto of the main spring (both front and rear), this is there to help prevent main spring preload (where the work is when that car is on the ground), especially when going for the lower ride heights. I have sometimes seen struts wound up really high that there is almost nothing left on the helper before it goes on block - still this is just before preloading the main spring. So under normal adjustments, you will not preload the mainspring. You will always see the helper on block when car is on the ground though as it is designed to do that. On our strut design, we also prefer a welded mount integral to the body of the strut, over an adjustable arm mount.
  2. E@CPC added a post in a topic KW V3 coil overs   

    Hi Monk, Just PM'd you

    Hi Aaron, Setup is included for initial settings, walk in the park and for sure we help with Q's that our customers have. The 7 Post is not there to be looked at
  3. E@CPC added a post in a topic KW V3 coil overs   

    Hi Kammo, not sure what you meant - don't you have the helpers?....Curious what features are missing compared too ?? Yeah the adjustments are not the easiest to get to especially if the arms are in the way - but that is a common one across brands , we have it because we have separated valves and the bump adjustment is at the bottom, with rebound at the top. Adjustment is possible, difficult but still possible, and yes a jack is easiest. The settings provided usually hit the spot the first time, so really one day giving it and developing toward your needs would be sufficient - you'll quickly know what settings for what track and for sure 2 clicks are a difference on these....

  4. E@CPC added a post in a topic KW V3 coil overs   

    Hi Craig

    They will adjust down to 20-40mm from OEM height on the 350Z. But check if you have any sag in your stock springs already as this can change how much is possible to drop the car from current height. V3's are also for mainly a road going car with occasional track day (i.e you run road tyres on track) If you are running and R-Spec for track , you can justify firmer rates of spring/damper as this would balance correctly. The Clubsports are designed for this purpose.

  5. E@CPC added a post in a topic Best coilover setup for road/track   

    Not always, depends on the combination of spring, low and high damper adjustment....bars will help on top of that . E.g. Poor low speed damper setup needs more bar to compensate for body roll...etc..etc.. always a mix and heavily dependant on the technology used. What works on one brand/technology is not always for another brand/technology the best.
  6. E@CPC added a post in a topic Best 370Z Exhaust Notes   

    No Worries, Just did now thanks Majestik
  7. E@CPC added a post in a topic Best 370Z Exhaust Notes   

    Hi Daveo,

    Development of this system was finished about a month ago and has just started to come in. Akrapovic is from Slovenia, they have been in the Motorbike world for 20 years now winning MotoGP and the Supers. In the last three years they have come to the Car side to get performance Titanium, Stainless and Carbon options out there, last two years nailing the Nürburgring 24h Races with Manthey and Porsche.