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  1. j-train added a post in a topic Carbon Fibre Ducktail   

    Looks awesome, these always remind me of someone wearing a cap. 
    This is heaps cheaper than a US company was asking.  At 300ish its worth a shot. 
    Put up some photos of it once you've finished finessesing.  
  2. j-train added a post in a topic Choice of floor mats.   

    the nismo ones look good. I might look to pick some up down the line. Right now im using some left over cube floor mats, i know it doesnt fit perfect but it does the job
  3. j-train added a post in a topic What do you think is the best front lip??   

    what do you guys think of having two lips? I have one made for daily  running and one made from cf for show. So many good lips going around now days.
  4. j-train added a post in a topic came to say hi   

    here two pics i recently took

  5. j-train added a post in a topic came to say hi   

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
    So far my plans with the car unknown. I will be trying to get a better feel of the car on a skid pan and hopefully on a track if I get over the fact that if I crash its game over no insurance to help me.
  6. j-train added a topic in Introductions   

    came to say hi
    Hello People

    I have really liked the zed for a long time now and after unsuccessfully purchasing a 350z over the years I finally got my hands on a 370z. I love both shapes! I am currently using my 370z daily but we will see. Iv owned a few cars over the years and I am really indecisive owning a car for an average time of 6 months with more than a few over lapping at a time.

    I got into cars pretty late near the end of my p's but now I am just trying to learn as much as I can and have already learnt some basics from project cars which I find always harder restore or bring back to life than they tell you.

    I am from Melbourne so I look forward to meeting you all at some meets =)
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  7. j-train added a post in a topic [VIC] Spotted!   

    Spotted a yellow z34 in Mt.Waverley with Amuse rear bar from what I saw, looked pretty mad
  8. j-train added a post in a topic Paint or Powder Coat Stock Rims - Brisbane???   

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. An alternative option I am looking at is plastidip. I am going to buy a few colors and change when I feel like it