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  1. 777 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Sprint Booster
    Have any of you guys/girls have Sprint Booster installed?
    I was reading about it on another forum and everybody who had it installed rave about how great it is. The people who haven't had one installed bag it. 
    Here is the link to the website of Sprint Booster brand:    https://www.sprintboostersales.com/SprintBooster.cfm      This website explains how it works etc.
    I believe there are other manufactures ho make these things, but I wanted to know before I order one if anyone else has a similar type thing installed.
    Thank you in advance. 
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  2. 777 added a post in a topic Mighty Car Mods Modify A 350Z   

    I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting. 
  3. 777 added a post in a topic 09 370z NAV SYSTEM   

    I'm interested in question 1
  4. 777 added a post in a topic Newbie from Melb!   

    Welcome. Your car looks great.
  5. 777 added a post in a topic Revzone 370z twin turbo kit   

    I don't know Lemon. I rang Revzone once to find out the different tunes/mods they offer. They weren't very forthcoming with prices and information about what exactly is involved and how. It felt like dragging teeth out of the guy I was talking to. Previously I had some work done on my HSV by a Holden performance tuner who sent me an email with several different tune ideas, what it involved and the prices unlike Revzone.  Good luck Lemon. I hope someone can help you on this forum. 
  6. 777 added a post in a topic Car vinyl and wrapping   

    I heard this year that it's illegal to wrap your car in chrome wrap. Zedzed when did you get that letter from Vicroads? What year?
  7. 777 added a post in a topic Revzone experiences   

    Thank you for your replies. Keep them coming please
  8. 777 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Revzone experiences
    My fellow Zed members. 
    Has anyone from Melbourne had any work done at Revzone in Ringwood Victoria on your 370Z? If so, what have they done? How much extra power you've got from it? Do they do a good job? And how much did it cost you? Was it worth the $ to get the gain in horsepower you got?
    I'm thinking of having some work done on my car without making my car less reliable. I also don't want my exhaust to be much louder. I would hate to wake my neighbours up early in the morning with it.
    Thank you for your advice and honesty in advance.
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  9. 777 added a post in a topic TO ALL P-PLATE 350z DRIVERS.   

    It doesn't matter if you put your front P plate on the top or bottom. As long as they are clearly visible from 20 meters 
  10. 777 added a post in a topic Introduction   

    Welcome. It's never too late for a Zed. 
    Post some picks so we may all enjoy looking at your ride. 
  11. 777 added a post in a topic TO ALL P-PLATE 350z DRIVERS.   

    Hi there.  You will attract police attention with loud exhaust, loud music in the car, your car looking like it isn't road worthy, ( Or your car looking"Fully Sick" as some would put it) doing something stupid like using your mobile phone whilst driving, failing to indicate, not wearing your set belt etc. Also if you are involved in a collision and police get called to it by either party involved in a collision or some other person who drove past your collision and didn't like the fact that you are blocking one lane of the road etc police will attend and find out that you are a P plater. Also as police drive behind you they do random checks of registration plates and the registered owner's licence and they will find out that you are a P plater. If police don't know for sure that your car isn't P plate approved, they can radio any Highway Patrol and find out on the spot. Also driving a vehicle that isn't P plate approved will incur $295 and 3 points. If you don't have your P plates on as suggested above the fine is $148 and 3 points. Also police "may" impound your car for any condition imposed by Vic Roads. Note I use the word "may"  not must impound. So it's up to you to take the risk as long as you are ok with the consequences. Ps. Your attitude to police is also a factor. Police have the power of using their discretion on some offences, but if you say things like: "Haven't you got better things to do? Why don't you catch some real criminals?" etc won't help you. Good luck and all the best. 
  12. 777 added a post in a topic [DIY] Interior - Passenger door handle   

    Well done. Thats a great job.
  13. 777 added a post in a topic Power loss   

    Thank's for all your replies. My car only has 40000km. If the issue is due to heat in the engine bay as some of you suggested, would a vented bonnet help? Maybe a carbon fibre type with some vent holes so the heat can escape? 
  14. 777 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Power loss
    I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose the temporary power loss on my 2003 manual 370Z.
    Sometimes when I accelerate/take off from a stand still in 1st gear i loose power for about a second. It feels like the old carburettor type engines used to get too much fuel and flood for a second. The car keeps going and the engine keeps running and full power comes back again one second after.
    A while ago I took my car to my local Nissan dealer (Glen Waverley) and whilst it was getting serviced I asked them to look at the issue but they couldn't find anything wrong with the car all the time. 
    I always use BP 98 octane fuel all the time and had my car serviced at Nissan. I was thinking that the traction control was kicking in and cutting the power to the engine, but I have new rear tyres and I didn't see the traction control warning light come on. No dash warning light comes on whilst Im experiencing this power loss.
    Did anybody else experience this problem?
    Can anyone help?
    Thank you in advance. 
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