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  1. port3s added a post in a topic 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS   

    Do you have a 09 or 10 370z? I can make you a copy of the map update Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. port3s added a post in a topic 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS   

    Hey man, it's the v20 I'm 100% sure I posted it up on the ICE thread in the forum. If you're local I can make you a copy.. works on Subaru too Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. port3s added a post in a topic 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS   

    Yo! I have a new map update I'm pretty sure it's v20 I can take a look in the car tomorrow and let you know. I offered it to members last year but no one really showed interest. Where are you located? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  4. port3s added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    Guys, I have the v20 maps working on DVD, I threw up a post. 

  5. port3s added a topic in I.C.E   

    2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS
    Hey guys!
    I have recently come across v20 c2 maps that work on the 2009, 2010 370z (DVD VERSION) if anyone would like a copy PM me, I'll send you the files (or a link) and a paypal donate button so you can send me some love if you feel like it.  paypal.me/port3s
    I'm in Sydney and I'm willing to make a few copies and meet up in Homebush for a chill out/update session
    They aren't the most current maps but it's better than the v16 I had. I'm putting it up on on the zClub FB page too if anyone is on there.

    Admin, if this isn't allowed please delete. Just wanting to help our fellow 370ers
    Enjoy guys.
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  6. port3s added a post in a topic 1/4 mile Drag Times for Zeds   

    Forum Name: port3s
    1/4 Mile Time: 13.592
    Date: 27/04/16
    Zed Type (Z33, Z34): Z34
    Model (eg Track, Touring, Roadster): AUS
    Transmission: 6MT
    Engine (VQ35DE, VQ35HR, VQ37HR): VQ27HR
    Forced Induction (NA, T, TT, SC): NA
    Reaction Time: 1.193
    Amb Temp: approx 20deg C
    Track Temp: N/A
    Win/Loose: Lose
    Rival Car (if known): FG F6
    Mods: Stock
    Drag Setup Info: 1592KG, 46PSI All round, full trim, stock
    60' Time: 2.091
    Comments: Location was WSID in Sydneyl, I'll add a photo!!

  7. port3s added a post in a topic 09 370z NAV SYSTEM   

  8. port3s added a post in a topic Name and Shame   

    It's horrible the way they go about things.. Money drives people to do crappy things.. The thing is they take it as if I'm trying to hunt them down for money from their pocket! It's a warranty thing or something I've paid for already!
  9. port3s added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Name and Shame
    Not sure if this is the right section, Mod please move if needed  Okay guys, time for a name and shame:
    Sports Auto Group, 7-9 Parramatta Rd, Concord NSW 2137
    Bought a car from this place not long ago, I was promised a spare key, log books, detail and a few more things. Nothing was in done when I picked up the car, I was told that they would do it for me, still waiting. Gave up on them to do most of it so I've done a lot of it myself. Came in for a warranty fix and they put cheap parts, cheap brakes (the brake dust is horrible and the brakes are spongy) , after market suspension parts. 
    Some of the simple things I asked for and never gone done are:
    - Spare key (now I have to spend $400 out of pocket)
    - Log book (still waiting on that one)
    - Bonnet stand clip to be replaced (it was broken)
    - Hand brake adjustment (wouldn't work at 8 clicks on a slight slope)
    - Sticker on the back window to be removed (previous dealership sticker)
    - Garmin dash pad to be removed (took almost two months for them to get it done)
    - Detail, wash and touch up paint (car was filthy!)
    - New windscreen wipers (still don't have them)
    - Reverse camera to be installed (took 3 weeks, did't get the car till then)(I paid for the camera and install)
    - New battery to be installed (it was dead, they used some cheap brand!)
    They never answer they phone or call back, you'll call asking for the manager, be put on hold for over an hour (yes I've sat there for over an hour waiting) then he'll either pick up and say I'm busy call back later or just wont pick up so you'll have to call again, they won't give you his mobile number either, I've tried and they wont. 
    They're rude, I was told off by the manager and sworn at multiple times. I've been told to not call them even though I'm a paying customer. They where all happy and smiles when I was looking for the car, then once I bought it they didn't want to talk to me. 
    The manager Nick is horrible. Swears at customers, smokes in the showroom, doesn't answer his emails or phone calls. I dealt with a man named Luca which I bought the car from at the dealership and a week after he got "let go" I was waiting 3 weeks plus for them to speak to him because the manager didn't know anything about the car, you'd expect them to sort everything out before they get rid of someone. 
    All in all, hopeless, useless and just sneaky. Looking for quick money. Their "pre delivery check" was done by "one of the boys in the back" which don't even have their mechanical licence! 
    The car was given to me dirty with bird droppings, rubbish in the car, and dust everywhere. They gave me the car with a quarter tank of fuel and on the way out gave one of the employees $20 to fill it up.
    I'm sure if I keep looking the car is going to have more than that wrong. It's not about the money, it's the principle of the matter.. I paid for a car to the spec which I asked for, in the end I received a sub-par product from unprofessional people.
    Right now I'm still in the process of getting the log book, from where it stands now they've told me they have the log book but it's not filled out why the hell would I want a log book that's empty? They're taking it to Nissan to get it filled out again, which no doubt will take another 3 months.
    Please let everyone know, DO NOT GO THERE. From what I can see on the reviews now it's always been like this. They are also looking to change their business name to "AUTOLINE SYDNEY" I'd recommend staying away from them.
    Bottom line, the car itself has no problems, everything has been mended either by the dealer. a mechanic or myself. I'm finally getting a sense of joy out of the car even though the initial few months have been annoying as hell.
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  10. port3s added a post in a topic Anyone here play video games?   

    PS, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, Wii, GameBoy Colour, GameBoy Advanced, DS, PSP, PC
    You name it, I play it hahahaha
    Add me on the PSN: portes91
    Haven't been playing recently (mostly because I haven't had time)
  11. port3s added a post in a topic Drivetrain slack/snatch   

    Do you mean the 'clunk' from the rear diff bushing? I just had mine replaced with the whiteline ones.
    2010 370z
  12. port3s added a post in a topic 1/5 engine starts failing   

    Scan for fault codes?
  13. port3s added a post in a topic 2009 clutch , advice needed   

    Mine has slight twitching when I rest my foot on it and when I fully depress it I can feel the vibration, I put this down to the dual mass flywheel. 
    I can tell you one thing, the stock clutch doesn't like to be thrashed around for a slide or a burnout!
  14. port3s added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    White 370z, black plates with white writing, parks at the end of Elizabeth street, campsie everyday (in a complex)
  15. port3s added a post in a topic 2010 370Z Navi Vehicle Icon   

    I've got a 2010, also flashes. Annoying AF. I've spent a few hours in the system settings, can't find a fix. Let me know if you do!