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  1. JSAI added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Always see a silver 350z with a hardtuned sticker on drivers side rear window, and the plates 'MZ350' or something in the bondi area
  2. JSAI added a post in a topic Things to do and see Brisbane <-> Victoria/NSW ?   

    go through the snowy mountains
  3. JSAI added a post in a topic Clean or repairable write-off   

    Im not sure of QLD laws but also check with your insurance company before you buy- As soon insurance companies in NSW wouldnt cover re-write offs in the past.
  4. JSAI added a post in a topic door switch covers   

  5. JSAI added a post in a topic good car detailing place to get rid of swirls (melbourne)   

    3M swirl remover will do the job if you do decide to to it yourself