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  4. JT7381 added a post in a topic Work meisters 19" offset question.   

    Only looking for about an inch.. Only going down to get thd guards looking full. I can order the 3p with the O or R disc center to clear the calipers. The image of the +22 looks just about perfect. Is that +22 front and back? I'm happy to run a small stretch but nothing to full on, so
    Erving like one tyre size down just to get the walls leaning back just a little.
  5. JT7381 added a post in a topic Work meisters 19" offset question.   

    Thanks kammo. That's just the kind of info I need. Hellaflush would be awesome I just can't driving 70+kms per day.
  6. JT7381 added a topic in 350Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Work meisters 19" offset question.
    Hi guys, anyone running 19" meisters? I've seen a few pics when searching and the same pic has different offsets listed on 2 different sites. I'm looking for 9.5 on the front and 10.5 on the back. I'm in the track model so i need to clear the brembos. Anyone have any specs or pics.? I know the meisters can be ordered down to 1mm offsets with different center configs for clearance but I really want some first hand advice.. Most seem to be listing offsets of +20ish numbers front and rear I'm happy to roll guards and drop a bit for a pretty flush fitment but it isn't daily drive and rubbing everyday is not an option.
    Any help is appreciated.
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  7. JT7381 added a post in a topic Standard Factory Lock Nut Missing - Help!   

    Thanks mate.. Last resort. I'll try and sort it this weekend. Cheers
  8. JT7381 added a post in a topic Standard Factory Lock Nut Missing - Help!   

    No luck from the Tyre place - Apparently the car didn't have lock nuts (which are factory).. They guy would have been lucky to tell me what day it was..
    What's on backwards is the Tyre direction - all of them 100% in the wrong direction.. At least he was consistent.

    I might try nissan and My local tyre place. I have replacements I just need to get these ones off!!

    Cheers JT
  9. JT7381 added a topic in 350Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Standard Factory Lock Nut Missing - Help!
    Before I begin- This is my Fault.

    I bought my car from SA and drove home to sydney over 2 days. Once I got home I gave the car a thorough once over (as you do) only to find the lock nut that I was assured was in the Boot with the Tyre Changing equipment was missing. I called the Guy I bought the car from how had just had the tyres rotated (and put on backwards) and it obviously didn't come back from the Tyre Place.

    I know I should have checked - I'm a tool but I was staring at what was to be my new car and was thinking of the 1400Km trip home and was eager to get on the way.

    I ordered a new set of nuts with a matching key wich I now have, but how the hell do I get the ones on the car off.. They are completely round - There is nothing to get any purchase on. I'm happy to completely destroy the nuts on the car, but I don't want to damage the wheels or studs etc..

    Anyone else had this happen? and How did you fix it?

    Thanks for any and all help..

    I'm paranoid that I'm going to get a flat and be screwed and I want to rotate the tyres properly.

    Cheers JT
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  10. JT7381 added a post in a topic Offset Quetion Front V's Rear   

    Thanks for the updates - I thought my maths was wrong - I've measured and they will poke out - a lot.

    I want to run a flush look but don't want the hassle of having to add camber gear front and back and burn up tyres every 8,000 Kms.

    I'm thinking about going for some Work Meisters or Actual Te37's.. They are just so expensive an I'mstruggling to justify the expense.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  11. JT7381 added a post in a topic Coilover Sleeves - Good / Bad/ Ugly?   

    Thanks for the feedback- I've had a better look and Coilovers are going to be the Go.
    Awesome to hear from someone who actually has some.

    Cheers JT
  12. JT7381 added a topic in 350Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Offset Quetion Front V's Rear

    I'm looking at some Varrsotten 2.2.2's in a 19". I'm looking to run 9.5" Front and 10.5" wide rear.
    I have a track spec with Brembo's so I apparently need the +12 offsets for the front.
    I've been looking at as many pics as I can on the Net and the +12 on the rear seems to poke out on every other car and tuck perfectly on the rest. I'm sure this has to do with the ride height as the lower casr seem to have the Flush tucked look.

    Is there an issue with running a +12 on the Front and a +22 on the Rear? Anyone doing this? Any pics of what this looks like?

    I don't want the car to look front heavy with a super flush fitting on the Front and a softer stance on the back, But I also don't want to have rubbing issues on the rear as the car is m daily.

    Cheers JT
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  13. JT7381 added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Coilover Sleeves - Good / Bad/ Ugly?
    I'm looking at lowering my 2003 Track Spec over some new rims.

    The rims are (F) 9.5 +12 / ® 10.5 +12 and I'm thinking of dropping down between 1/2 inch and 1".

    I've looked at the Tein S-Tech which say they drop 0.6" / 0.7" and the Eibch Pro 1" all round but I really want to have a bit of control on the height. With BC coilovers seeming to be the choice at the cheaper end of the coilover market at $1299 this is quite a way from the $250 - $350 for springs. No doubt the Coilovers have masive advantages however I came across a set of Coilover spings that use the standard Shocks with a threaded sleeve that holds the springs allowing for ride height adjustment. I have never seen these before and Don't know anyone running them

    Has anyone had any experince with these good or Bad?

    Cheers JT
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  14. JT7381 added a topic in Introductions   

    New Member in Sydney - Engadine
    Hi everyone,

    I have just purchased my First Z from Adelaide an have spent the last 2 weeks getting blue slipped and registered.
    I'm the proud owner of a Daytona Blue 2003 Track Spec model with all black interior and 80K on the Clock.

    It is 100% stock and a completely blank canvas.

    I've come from a fairly modified R33 Skline and I'm loving the all motor Torque which seems at this stage to be much more streetable than my previous ride.

    I'm loving the 350 and am keen to get out and about for some sydney meets at some stage.

    I'm likely to have a few Questions regarding mods and I look forward to picking some expert brains on the best way forward with how to get it done..

    Cheers JT
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