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    Its upsetting!!! Think i almost cried! Happened to mine last week, all i see is this ugly dent every time i look at the back of the car
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    And special thanks to steevyc for hooking me up with this forum

    Will definitely have to come along to one of the meets!!

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    my baby

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    Miss 350z

    My name is lisa
    Big nissan fan.
    First nissan car i got when i first got my license was a silver n15 awesome little car!

    Now that im almost of my green Ps i decided to move on and get a Convertible 350z.. currently it is orange but in the long run i would love to re-spray it pearl white

    I also recently decided that i wanted custom number plates.. "MS350Z" but i was wayyyy to slow and its been taken.

    I remembered when searching to buy a 350z that the number plates were on one of the cars so i called the guy up and ask how much for the plates .. he wanted $4,000 for them..
    nooo thanks!

    Still no luck with number plates, even my initials with my date of birth an year is taken

    Any suggestions?
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