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  1. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Clutch is slipping!   

    Hey Koodles,
    When replacing the standard clutch it does come down to personal preference and brand recognition. I havent had any experience with Mantic clutches, only Exedy HD clutches myself. 
    The clutch fork is by far your least issue when it comes to the 370. The CSC or Concentric Slave Cylinder is what can go at anytime. There are delete kits for this but be prepared to spend more than your clutch for it.
    Replacing the Dual Mass Flywheel is also a huge benefit as you will hear far less chatter when changing gears. Will also feel more responsive during spirited driving.
    Hope this helps mate.
  2. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic new member   

    Welcome Dave!!!

    How are you finding your Nismo so far?
    Did you pick it up new or 2nd hand?

  3. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Replaced clock spring - now steering angle sensor problem   

    Hey Paul,

    Not sure if I have the answer to this but it does seem like a very peculiar sequence of events.
    Was this issue happening at all (that you noticed) prior to changing the clock spring?

    This may be a process whereby you may need to re-trace your steps to ensure that all connections are plugged in correctly and that nothing has accidentally disconnected or become loose behind the dash.

    I hope that you are able to find some sort of solution.

  4. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Unsure if bad coil / cylinder not firing?   

    Hey Brendon.

    This does seem to have a miss-fire, which could be causes by the Coil Pack. I remember for our old 350, the Rocker Cover leaked slightly, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the coil channel. This caused the rubber seal around the Spark Plug to expand, which was enough to cause spark issues.

    This is not uncommon and the best way to ensure that that is the problem, see if you can track down a good coil to test out, maybe even borrow 1 from a fellow member. If that fixes the problem, then you will know that
    1) It is your coil pack and
    2) that you will need to replace the rocker cover gasket on that side to stop the leak.

    I hope that this helps you out!
  5. ThatZeeGuy added a topic in Announcements   

    Zclub is under New Ownership & Management
    Alright Z Fam, the time has come!
    For those that are not apart of the Zclub Facebook community, Zclub is under New Management.
    Myself and Emily have taken over ownership of Zclub earlier this year and we are currently taking the time to finally refresh and re-design the whole website from the ground up and start fresh! Lets be honest, its a little outdated to say the least.
    Some future ideas that I have in mind, that I hope will give back and add value to you and the community, which I am open to further discussion and suggestions are:
    Refresh the Zclub logo and branding. Will look to keep a similar look and feel but make it more modern and appealing. (Almost Complete)Update the landing page of the website to showcase either a slideshow or Video Showreel of Z/G Meets, with permission of Members rides included in the feature.We hope to be able to carry over most of the original forum threads however, it looks like I may have to instead create a 'Wiki" from the original threads and potentially start fresh. (which may take some considerable time... there is a LOT in there). I feel that the Forum style setup is very useful but does need a more modern look and feel, as well as make it easy to find what you may be looking looking for.Enhance the 'Mobile User Experience' which will flow similar to the desktop webpage. (current experience is... very outdated on Tapatalk).We will also look to introduce a quarterly/seasonal Spotlight to feature members Z/G's. This will include showcasing a full spread of video's/Images and write up on the Homepage of personal rides. This could be put to a Community Vote and the winner gets a feature. There will also be an archive for previous Featured Rides.Lastly, the potential to add some limited run Zclub Merch, Windscreen Banners and Stickers. This would be setup to help cover the cost of regular upkeep and maintenance of the website.We may potentially have to manually transition your current user profiles to the new database so we only ask that you are patient through this initial transitional phase.
    This community would be nothing without all of you Z & G enthusiasts out there constantly talking, modifying, trouble shooting and problem solving together and I thank you for your continued input.
    I look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions, and hope that we can continue to grow this amazing community.
    Thanks all ✌️
    - Matt

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  6. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic 280ZX 2+2 Resto-Mod - Hello from Sydney!   

    Hey MTZ,

    Welcome to the club and what a epic build that you have planned. There are a couple of RB Swapped 240/60/80z's around the country at the moment so great to see another enthusiast giving it a go.

    As far as RB vs 2J is much of a muchness these days as they are both capable of high HP, just depends how deep your pockets are really. There are a few shops around but honestly it will come down to:
    Your personal preferenceIf you feel well looked after, andResearch and recommendations.With most conversions its all about a stack load of research, having a lot of discussions with your mechanic and sourcing the right parts. With uncommon swaps like your's with no "off the shelf kit" there will most likely be some custom work needing to be done. As far as registration goes afterwards, its best to consult a performance shop as they will be able to tell you if you will need an engineers certificate, or what needs to also be modified to comply.

    I look forward to seeing your build come to life!
  7. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Which LSD to buy, OS Giken,Wavetrac,Nismo or Cusco   

    Hey Bry,

    I too am doing some research on a 1.5 way for my Z as well. There are a few options out there however I don't think many Z owners have upgraded their stock VLSD. I've been chatting to a couple of guys in the US and they all tend to steer me towards the OS Gilken.

    Not sure on the final drive though as I'd like to keep mine near 3.9, however the 4.08 would be suitable for an N/A setup.

    p.s. I feel you on the Aussie dollar atm too... I have parts on hold in the US as it is and don't think I can hold out much longer.

    Would be keen to see which route you take though. Keep us informed!
  8. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic New Member just joined   

    Welcome to the club mate!
    And like most Z's, we just get better with age. Plus it's nice to have such a vast mix of enthusiasts on cruises as well. Really makes the trips a lot more fun with lots of open chatter amongst us all.
    Loom forward to seeing what you do with your Z mate!
  9. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic New to the scene   

    Hi Bianca,
    Welcome to the Club!!!
    If you are having issues with connectivity on the factory head unit, it sounds like the previous owner may have had an aftermarket one that they may have removed prior to the sale and may not have reconnected the original unit correctly. It's something that you may need to look into yourself or an auto electrician.
    Also noting, the factory headunits/Sat nav are not the greatest from factory.
    Buying parts from overseas at the moment is hard given the current global crisis. But there are some places here that sell basic parts (exhaust & intakes) and are your standard x-force, Invidia, Tomei, HKS etc.
    It may be worthwhile jumping into the community Facebook page as there are a lot of members there that are even selling quality used parts that will save you a lot of time and money at the end of the day.
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zclubaustraliacommunity/?ref=share
    I hope you enjoy your Z and look forward to seeing you out at some meets once this crisis subsides. The Z community is filled with a lot of passionate people.
  10. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Greeting from the Central Coast!   

    Hey Ryan,
    Welcome to the club! It's nice to see another fellow Coastie joining up.
    That's a nice looking 350 that you have on your hands mate. Looking forward to seeing what your dream ride looks like as you start to modify her.
    Chat soon ✌
  11. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic New Member from Melb   

    Hey Kev,
    Welcome to the club. It's a proud moment buying your first Z that's for sure. As far as modifications go, this all come down to your goals and preferences. Do you want a street car, track car or simply just make it fast. Modifications should always be an expression of yourself and your dream car.
    Tasteful modifications are a catback exhaust and coilovers. Seems to be the nominal starting place.
    Happy Building ✌
  12. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Stock Nissan 350z Exhaust. 2.5” vs 3”?   

    Hey Carlo,
    For the exhaust it really comes down to personal preference. My wife and I used to have a 2003 Track 350Z and we found the 2.5" was perfect. Let the Z breathe so much better but also minimised drone in the exhaust. This was important as we did long highway drives regularly.
    The 3" I have heard, from some members over the years, is slightly too big as there is not enough backpressure for the stock engine. Again just feedback I have heard, not actually done myself.
    Even for out 370Z, we stuck with the 2.5".
    Let us know how you go!
  13. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Coach   

    Welcome Ellis.
    We really hope that you enjoy your time here and get more opportunities to meet people within the community.
    Nice z32 as well. Very clean indeed 👌
  14. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic z club stickers   

    We will have a new supplier closer to the New Year.  Thanks guys/gals!
  15. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic New to ZClub but long time Z driver