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  1. type-s added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Sydney Motorsport Park, GP Circuit - Z33 - NA - 1:47:16 (Hankook Z221)
    Sydney Motorsport Park, South Circuit - Z33 - NA - 1:01:55 (Hankook Z221)
    Wakefield Park - Z33 - NA - 1:07:85 ((Hankook Z221)
    SMSP South Circuit 1:01.55 lap
  2. type-s added a post in a topic Track Day at Eastern Creek South Circuit   

    Was great seeing you out there yesterday Martin and watch your times tumble throughout the day.
    I was 0.7 off my PB but the track did get quite hot!
    Here are some photos from yesterday's event courtesy of our friends from TNT photography: 
    PS Massive thanks to Azura (badthing) for helping out the night before. My sump bolt had managed to self-destruct and Azura kindly supplied me with his spare one.
  3. type-s added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Latest PB's: 350Z NA Hankook Z221 Medium
    Wakefield 1:08.4010
    SMP GP 1:49.8500
    SMP Extended 2:13.1298
    SMP South 1:02.3461
  4. type-s added a post in a topic Fixed Bucket Seats   

    On my previous set up I used Buddyclub side mount rails with a Sparco Rev fixed bucket seat and now I use the Bride FG rails with a Bride Zeta III.
    Might still have the Buddyclub rails lying around. Shoot me a PM if you are keen.
  5. type-s added a post in a topic Please vote!   

    Yes Azura that is correct!

    Nulon are offering our team a product sponsorship for the next 12 months! They were keen to jump on board to support us and acknowledged the tremendous effort we put in coming up with a grand total of 310 votes for the competition. Even though we did not have a massive fan base of 50,000 people, they said our cars looked good, we were hungry for the support, and we were the right kind of guys they were looking to help out in grassroots motorsport.

    Thanks again to everyone here at ZClub who voted and supported us.

    PS I shall start a new thread in the new year to track our progress throughout the next 12 months and beyond...
  6. type-s added a post in a topic Please vote!   

    I just want to say a MASSIVE thanks to EVERYONE who voted for me or campaigned hard to get others to vote over this past week to win a product sponsorship competition with Nulon.
    We received an overwhelming amount of support and finished strongly in front of 45 other entries in 2nd place with a whopping 309 votes.
    At the end of the day however, we were up against a team that had in excess of 45,000 followers globally and were running a concurrent competition to attract votes so considering that, it was quite an achievement to even lead the votes up until a few hours before the competition ended.
    Thanks again for all the support and let's hope we can get some sponsors on board for next year's racing!
  7. type-s added a post in a topic Please vote!   

    thanks for voting! +1

    we are actually leading by a couple of votes right now but every time the drift teams make a post on their fan pages they can get an instant 20-30 votes ><

    please keep voting and sharing with your friends and hopefully we will come home with a strong finish tonight!
  8. type-s added a post in a topic Please vote!   

    Thanks for the votes guys +1 for everyone

    We were within a couple votes of the lead tonight but the 2 big drift teams (with over a combined 50,000 followers!!!) have taken the lead again.

    So please continue to vote and get all your friends to vote as voting closes tomorrow evening.

    These drift guys are evil!!
  9. type-s added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Please vote!
    Hey guys,

    I've entered my car to win a year's worth of product sponsorship with Nulon.
    As you all know racing the Z aint cheap so this is an exciting opportunity to gain some support.

    Please vote for my car to win - it only takes a minute if you can jump on to a PC.
    We are only a few votes behind the big teams so it's going to be tight!

    Just follow this link to vote on FB: http://a.pgtb.me/Jm9Ppd
    Like the page then Vote for the one named 'Celebrating New PBs'
    Click "Go to app" then cancel at the next step unless u want to enter the competition
    That's it, bam done voted!

    Appreciate all your support!

    Cheers, Kieran

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  10. type-s added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Eastern Creek North 1:12.6149 = type-s - Z33 NA (Yokohama, A050) set at Round 8 of the NSW Supersprints a few weeks back

    Anyone else here tried the North Circuit?
  11. type-s added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Couldn't be happier to set the Type 2 and Class 2C record at the challenging new EC South Circuit (NSWSS Round 7)

    1:02.8123 (Z33 NA - A050) was just quick enough come out in front of all the Evo's that were there.

  12. type-s added a post in a topic NSW track days - how to start?   

    There's a supersprint at the new Eastern Creek South Circuit tomorrow. Come and check it out if you're interested to see how these events are run. (I'll be competing)
  13. type-s added a post in a topic Offset Quetion Front V's Rear   

    I had them on my car for a very short period of time before I got rid of them. Actual amount of poke will depend on suspension set up and tyre choice.

    I was running 245/35 front and 275/35 rear and aftermarket camber arms for the front only. The rears were fine but you will have a fair amount of poke in the front with anything less than around -3 degrees.

    Even with +12's the front barely cleared the Brembos.

  14. type-s added a post in a topic Sensible Wheels/Tyres for Circuit - 350Z   

    Having been through the dilemma of choosing rim/tyre/wheel setups over the years for the Z I would consider the following:

    Getting a dedicated set of track wheels with semis means you will need an extra support car to drive them down to and from Wakefield unless you are willing to drive on semis which are expensive, wear out quickly and noisy. Eastern Creek is less of an issue and I’ve driven there on semis before without drama.

    If you are just starting out tracking your car, I would suggest trying some ultra high performance street tyres such as Hankook RS3’s or Advan AD08’s. That way you can still have a dedicated set of track wheels but can drive to and from the track with no issues, not waste time at the track getting there earlier and leaving later to change wheels ( a lot more convenient!)

    I think getting semis is really worth it only if you are pushing your car to the limit and this takes time to learn (depending on how good you are). The RS3’s have awesome grip anyway and will outlast semi slicks, be cheaper and still let you learn and have fun with your car.

    In terms of tyre and rim size, I don’t think you can go wrong with a wider rim such as 9.5 to 10” wide and a 265 wide tyre. My personal favourite setup is a 18x10 +15 with 265/35/18 all round although I have had great results with a 17x9 +12 and 255/40/17 all round. Running a square setup does seem to reduce understeer and I can rotate tyres easily.

    If you are looking at getting semis the Nitto NT01 are great value for the money (slightly better than R888) but seem to be a bit more difficult to source. The Advan A050 are definitely better (around 1.5 seconds around EC and just under a second quicker around Wakefield) but are a lot more expensive at close to $600 a corner in 265/35/18.
  15. type-s added a post in a topic NA performance parts - what is there?   

    If you rent a dyno I can give you a hand at tuning the UTEC AFR and timing maps. I have the UTEC on my car and tuned it myself on the dyno.