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  1. Senator685 added a post in a topic Fast Intentions Resonated HFCs (vs Berk vs Stillen)   

    Thanks Mikey. Wow, those ARK HFCs look weird! Looks like some people with them don't feel they reduce rasp much really. I ended up going with the Fast Intentions resonated HFCs. Tony from Fast Intentions said should be 4-5 weeks. I've actually just traded my 2010 Z on a 2014 Z, so as soon as they arrive I'll install everything (Stillen G3 intakes, FI RHFCs, Stillen CBE) Can't wait to see how it sounds. I'll post some before and after videos once everything's done
  2. Senator685 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Fast Intentions Resonated HFCs (vs Berk vs Stillen)
    I have a Stillen CBE on my 370 currently and I'm planning to add the G3 intake and a HFC.

    I'm stuck choosing which HFC to go with.

    I would like increase in volume, but mostly want to avoid rasp. From what I've read so far HFCs can give a "hiss" on deceleration, which I'd like to minimise too.

    Looks like the F.I. resonated HFC might be my best choice as it seems to have minimal rasp / hiss, but might not be as loud as some others.

    Most people seem to have the Berk HFCs, but was wondering if anyone has the F.I. resonated HFC installed, or has heard it and can comment on how it sounds?

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