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  1. badthing

    Happy Back To The Future Day!! :)

  2. badthing

    We're going for an early morning drive this Sunday 28th June. Let me know if interested.

  3. badthing

    Anyone interested for an early morning drive up Old Pac this Sunday 10th May?

  4. badthing

    Clutch pedal stuck + burnt clutch smell. It looks like my CSC is on its way out :(

  5. badthing

    Happy Easter Long Weekend everyone! Drive safe! :)

  6. badthing

    Always good to have a pie & chat with fellow Zclub members :)

    1. pez5

      yup , Chicken and corn pie. MMMMM

    2. badthing

      Lamb honey rosemary pie~

    3. 3FiddyZ

      I'll take a potato pie (with sauce)

  7. badthing

    Considering selling the Amuse R1 Titan exhaust. EOI welcome. PM me.

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      SO DAMN LOUD! Ha Love it though

    3. TARA

      Oh dear. Can't have that now can we! Ha.

    4. badthing

      Sold! :)

  8. badthing

    Happy Chinese New Year! :D

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    2. O168O


    3. reldas

      year of the horse


    4. MZZ350

      It's Lunar New Year

  9. badthing

    4am.. couldn't sleep, went to wash the Z :)

    1. Eman1976

      Time well spent

    2. ugame

      how to do wash a car (well) at 4am?

  10. badthing

    Someone in Sydney please lend me a Dremel

    1. sarge67

      Why ???

    2. badthing

      I need to cut some screws + bits

  11. badthing

    My Fairlady put down 233rwkW at the dyno this afternoon. (NA of course.) A tune should bump this up a tiny bit :)

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    2. badthing

      I'm thinking of doing something similar. Will probably have to install pre Y-Pipe due to the titanium construction of the CBE

    3. IanzZed

      FYI. The dyno guys reckon there could be 10+KW in the tune based on the AFR. Yours is for all intents identical.

    4. IanzZed

      posted dyno results for liteweight bits on a new thread if your interested.

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    2. O168O


    3. MZZ350


    4. Onikage_87

      I win!!!

  12. badthing

    Happy Invasion Day everyone!

    1. Majestik

      Lol. U too!

    2. ugame

      Best Prodigy Album....INVADERS MUST DIE

  13. badthing

    NSW Cruise today: meeting point changed to KFC Car Park, Cnr Macquarie St & Kable St, Windsor. I'll be there from 9:30am. Come!!

  14. badthing

    Aussie dollar is on a high, that means shopping time!

    1. 81gSKy

      Good times! What ya getting? I need to get some Sway Bars & Camber Arms.

    2. badthing

      just a few bits n bobs, oil pan spacer, hid bulbs, brake pads, fluids

    3. Rysiie


  15. badthing

    Happy New Year 2013!!!!!!!!

    1. jonesy69

      Happy New Year to all.

  16. badthing

    Happy 12/12/12 everyone!

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    2. Luke1905


      what i meant was your never gonna get any back that youve lived however we isoate one due to the numbers.

    3. ugame

      so many days we waist in life. It's sad. Leaves me wondering...what's on TV tonight?

    4. Luke1905

      lol @ ugame

  17. badthing

    Thinking of doing a Pie in the Sky run Saturday morning. Interested? Lemme know ASAP!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. badthing

      sunday it is!

    3. sarge67

      PM sent mate....Share it round, see how many we get :-)

    4. badthing

      Anyone interested please PM me for meeting location & time :)

  18. badthing

    Everyone, please join me in congratulating type-s for winning the Nulon 12-month sponsorship package for his motorsports team!

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    2. Majestik

    3. Opal78

      Oh wow, that's so cool. Congratulations :)

    4. vinhy

      CONGRATS !

  19. badthing

    Support a fellow Z owner looking to win product sponsorship for track car. http://zclub.com.au/forums/index.php?/topic/4946-please-vote/ :)

  20. badthing

    Sunday morning, blue sky, taking my Z for a jog

    1. MZZ350


    2. badthing

      Concrete barriers are partially up at Sydney Olympic Park in preparation for V8 Supercar racing. Sounds good driving through there :)

    3. pez5

      good spot for a bbq

  21. badthing

    Sydney Zeds, you up for an impromptu meet tonite?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MIS55Z

      Hahaha smooth, hot and creamy.

      Wink wink

    3. badthing

      Mine was spicy~

    4. MIS55Z

      Oh really?!!

      Glad u enjoyed the night

  22. badthing

    Most members ever online in one day has hit 228 today!

    1. Majestik


  23. badthing

    Spam attack! Mods have some cleaning to do.

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    2. Rogue01

      Always hated that setting, both from a user and admin point of view. Its only the one so far. I've seen it happen on other nights but not as big as this one. Its still pretty small compared to most attacks!

    3. Guest

      New members can't post until they've validated their email address. Not sure what other checks we can perform to verify they're a real person without making it harder on genuine visitors.

    4. ugame

      Do we use one of those graphic things?

  24. badthing

    new plates are on :)

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    2. badthing

      thanks, look forward to tomorrow

    3. mikecala99


    4. MZZ350

      Yayness can't wait to hear ur Korean adventures