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  • Interests I like to build Cars. My 370 Z is my daily driver and I don't need to modify it. My Cobra is my project.
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  1. RobSmith added a post in a topic CONSULT 111   

    Thanks,   Ill talk to Chris.  
  2. RobSmith added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    It's a bit late ..but on 16-08-19 my clutch pedal went to the floor.    I decided to fix it myself.   Gearbox out in two days ...three days wait for parts  ($2000.00)  All back together 25-08-19 .   I replaced the clutch as well as the throwout bearing.   The bearing seal had tiny chunks of rubber missing.  Deterioration of a crap product. I shudder to think how much nissan would have charged.  
  3. RobSmith added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    CONSULT 111
    My so called official Nissan dealer has no idea about sorting minor computer problems on my 2011 370Z.  I'm fed up.  Soo I want to purchase a Consult Diagnostic system for myself.   Does anyone know where I can get one ?  A legitimate one. 
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  4. RobSmith added a post in a topic tyre iron for aftermarket wheels   

    Hey Mikey...In your avatar what are those wheels and what are they on ? they look great.   Rays ?  What sizes ?
  5. RobSmith added a post in a topic Terrible Tire Wear on OEM 19 Bridgestones   

    YEP, You have some sort of alignment problem...Don't rely on one tyre mob. Pick one then ask for an alignment measurement. NOT an alignment. Tell them you are going to get several opinions (they will call you a dick and rubbish the idea) Then go to a couple of other dealers and get a measurement....see what they all say. That will be either confusing or enlightening. You will eventually get a picture of what is wrong with your alignment and you will also find out who is the most honest mob to deal with. It will cost time and a bit of money. The other alternative is to find a race car suspension mob and get them to sort it. Be aware though. Make sure the you beaut suspension mob isn't just a 1 year spectacle. Get an Old school mob. In the after-market car industry, nuts come and go but the true auto mechanics / builders always have a history. They've been around for years for a good reason ! Good Luck.
  6. RobSmith added a post in a topic tyre iron for aftermarket wheels   

    Usually after a hot shower or a hot day in tracky pants you get extended nuts.
  7. RobSmith added a post in a topic tyre iron for aftermarket wheels   

    That's a "Lug wrench"...American talk. A tyre Iron is the pair of tapered bars that you use to pry the tyre off the rim when you want to change tyres. You lot had me confused for a while. They're called wheel spanners in OZ.........The Japs probably call them tire irons. Just read any electrical instruction manual. They're all wrong english too.
  8. RobSmith added a post in a topic 370Z Aftermarket Wheels Thread   

    How come you have to wait so long ? I bought tyres from the states and got them in 8 days ! Tyres are bigger than rims and rims are in boxes ! You have got to have a discussion with the dealer....3 to 5 weeks is crap ! Maybe they are sending them by boat...that's rubbish. Air freight isn't too expensive. I get a lot of stuff from the USA and I am given a choice of carrier....I always choose USPS...United States Postal Service. It's the cheapest and it only takes a week + a day or two. The others UPS DSL etc can get you stuff virtually "overnight" but it costs big time......Talk to the dealer. Ring and tell them what you want .
  9. RobSmith added a post in a topic Painting ADV.1 Flowspecs - gloss or matte? (pictures)   

    Try 3M vinyl coverings...It comes in carbon fibre, flat black , Semi flat, gloss or even bright colours !
  10. RobSmith added a post in a topic WORK MEISTER S1R - what do you guys think?   

    You got pics ? I looked at the other website and got all sorts of messages about being unavailable and 15" only....they look damn nice though!
  11. RobSmith added a post in a topic 2010 Nissan 370Z Navigation   

    I'll have to get my satnav updated too because it doesn't recognise roundabouts....it just says "Turn left...In 100 mtrs turn Left" If I followed that I'd driving around the block forever..ha ha ha
  12. RobSmith added a post in a topic New Tyres   

    Bought a set of Pirellis from Tirerack last year for the 350 Z and they cost $1300.00 all up including transport. I was Quoted $2000.00 here and a 6 month waiting time. I got the Pirellis in 8 days . Give em a ring !
  13. RobSmith added a post in a topic how long can a brand new tyre be stored for until it's not regarded as usable?   

    From experience and a very helpful tyre manufacturer techs info. I have four tyres that are as good as new and are TWELVE years old. The trick is ( in my case the tyres were on rims) Keep the pressures at a lower than normal pressure, Keep them out of the sun---UV's do the same to tyres as to our face--- and keep them in a decent temperature...Not hot like in the roof of a shed or not cold like on the cement floor in the shed in winter. ( I'm single so they lived in the house for about 4 years) after that they were on the car. I made some covers out of beer cartons to keep the sunlight off them and they are still good and in use. I'm a bit paranoid about their age, but so far they don't show any signs of deterioration . The tech man told me to inspect them for cracks around the tread "blocks" and check the rubber for softness by sticking your thumbnail into the edge of a tread block...if it's hard and sort of dry they're stuffed. THE DOWNSIDE....The tech man explained....The tyre manufacturer only guarantees their product for FIVE years. This is to cover their arse regarding litigation and of course all the insurance companies use this as a "get out" of any claims. So the bottom line is ....You've got FIVE years...then it's up to you. Good luck.
  14. RobSmith added a post in a topic Nissan confirms 2013 370Z refresh!?   

    You speak the truth...I had a 2006 350Z and it WAS a sports car (almost) It had a few comforts that I never used but my 370Z has so many gadgets that I will never use and aren't relevant to a proper driving car. I don't need a phone, a navigation system, a rev adjuster, or a dvd adapter. a usb port or reversing camera. I owned a bare bones car for a long time whilst I saved for something better then I found that all the car makers wanted us to have front wheel drive automatic family sedans. My choices were very limited. I wanted Rear wheel drive , Manual transmission, Decent handling and no seats that never got used. so I bought a Zed. Cost me a bundle and I'm still paying for it...but it was good. The new one is too. But it's got a lot of bling I don't need.
  15. RobSmith added a post in a topic Aftermarket seats in a 370Z?   

    Check out their ADR compliance..If they don't comply; your insurance isn't worth the paper it's written on. I can bet they meet or should (at least) ADR 3/02 . If they do meet that standard they are NO GOOD. They MUST meet ADR 3/03 to be acceptable for any insurance company to be happy. Otherwise you don't have a farts chance in a hurricane for any claim at all. Buyer beware !