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  1. Reflect added a post in a topic Paint Protection- dealer or elsewhere?   

    Glad your happy with it Gary. The humidity from that hot Wednesday made it a bit more challenging to apply but it turned out as it should.

    I would recommend doing some sort of paint correction on it first before applying the coating as its the preparation of the vehicle which compliments the finish once Opti-coat is applied.

    Even for new cars I usually recommend a clay and light machine polish before hand.

    I can recommend 2 detailers in Melbourne.

    Mario from Eurogloss prestige or Immaculate Reflections.
  2. Reflect added a post in a topic Hi from Sydney   

    Hi Gary. Yes I do remember! I did the Peugeot back in the Ozhonda days if I remember correctly..lol...

    Hi Phil. Yeah I've been trolling around seeing what forums there are and came across this one that a few clients have mentioned to me.

    I am more than happy to help with any Opti-coat queries
  3. Reflect added a post in a topic Hi from Sydney   

    Hi Titus!

    Good to see you on here!
  4. Reflect added a post in a topic Hi from Sydney   

    lol... I feel very welcome now....
  5. Reflect added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi from Sydney

    Just thought I'd jump on and introduce myself.

    My name is Dave from Sydney and I work in the aftermarket car care business (detailing, tinting & protection).

    Found this forum through a few owners of Zed's that I have worked on so thought I'd jump on and check it out.

    I have been in contact with Ronnie and will soon be on as a sponsor and will be looking forward to helping members with any car care inquiries and services.

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  6. Reflect added a post in a topic Got my windows tinted   

    Looks good!

    I feel naked in a car without tint! lol...