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  1. carboncarsystems added a post in a topic Video bypass for the 370z   

    Hi mate,

    Unfortuantely we dont have an official representative in Melbourne but any good car audio store should be able to install the unit for you. Ill see if we can get a name and number of a store with a good rep and let you know asap.

    Carbon Car Systems
  2. carboncarsystems added a post in a topic Video bypass for the 370z   

    Ohh I forgot to mention, the unit we sell is the Navtool model, but we have fitted the Naviks unit for some members and they are the same thing. They just interrupt the screens video input to allow you to watch any other video input at the flick of a button

    You will get a composite video input which allows you to run almost any device, ipod video, dvd, reverse camera, front camera etc. There is also factory composite audio inputs in the centre console for audio which we can hardwire into to feed for the audio of your dvd etc.

    Kind Regards,
    Daniel Gardener
    Carbon Car Systems
  3. carboncarsystems added a post in a topic Video bypass for the 370z   

    Hi Guys,

    This bypass module comes with 2 x Video Inputs, 1 x Dedicated for the Reverse Camera which will activate via selection of reverse and flick to the camera instantly. There is also another video input which can be selected via switch which can be used to operate other video devices such as a DVD player etc so you can watch DVD's while driving, we have fitted this to a few 370z's now no problems and the customers keep telling us to jump on the forum and post (hence I am).

    The unit will not bypass the factory navigation lock outs but to allow you to select alternate destinations while driving ;( this is a limitation nissan make on the system and as yet there is no bypass available.

    If you guys want further information feel free to contact us any time, we keep the 370z video interfaces in stock as we do quite a few of them.

    Hope this has been helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    Daniel Gardener
    Carbon Car Systems
  4. carboncarsystems added a post in a topic 2010 370Z.. Does it play DVD's??   

    Hi Guys,

    You can run a DVD player but you need a video interface for the screen and you can use the composite inputs in the centre console for the audio. The RGB interface interupts the video feed for the screen to allow you to view the DVD's or any other composite input (ie: PS3 etc) also allows you to run a rear reversing camera also which is a common purchase for the 370z.

    We have fitted it to a few 370z's and it allows you to flick the screen over to the dvd player while listening to the audio through the factory speakers

    If you need more information you can contact us at here:

    The interface can be seen on our site here:

    Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,
    Carbon Car Systems