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    Should I sell my 370z?
    Hello, I’m new to the Z club. I just bought a 370z as my first car. Owning a Z was my dream when I first saw DK driving one in Tokyo drift haha. This is the car that I always wanted and it feels so fulfilling that I finally have it. I have a dilemma though. I bought this car because me and my boyfriend really needed a car after his car broke down. So I figured I should save up and get my dream car. So I did. We needed the car to get around for essentials and for him to be able to get to work. However, we failed to take into account that he is still on his probationary license. I know you’re probably thinking we’re negligent in considering this basic factor. But to be honest we thought that he was able to drive this car as it is only a stock market car and that no modification has been implemented. We were wrong after we researched further. I know we should’ve known before I made the purchase, but I guess we didn’t know much at all. I am on my full license but he has 1 year left in probation until he is full. I am thinking about selling this car and buy one that we can both drive in. I feel very sad that he won’t be able to drive until his probation is over. He has told me not to worry and that he is fine and can always purchase a cheap temporary car or he can always save up for a new one. Since we are renting, I thought it was also a good idea to save for a house so I’m not sure whether two cars is a good idea? I’m feeling really lost in what I should do. Should I sell my Z and purchase a car we can drive in? Or should he get a temporary car until he is off probationary? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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