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  1. Taeist added a topic in Introductions   

    Hello from Sydney
    Hey everyone 
    Very happy new owner of a 2013 370z just wanted to say hello
    probably not the best life decision to buy a car through COVID-19 crisis but it’s too late now lol. 
    Bought this baby already installed with armytrix exhaust and she purrs like a beauty. 
    Otherwise it’s all pretty stock. 
    The shopping list has already been made. Money to be flying out the window soon. 
    I do want to lower it. Tossing up between springs or coil overs atm. Dunno how hard it is to get some swift r springs here?
    Ontop of that I would love some headers , test pipes, stillen intake and a tune. She does pop and gurgle with the synchro mode (omg I love it). Would love some more pops. Any recommendations please?
    comestic wise I think it’s a beautiful car as is. If I do anything I’d probably get a front lip. Nothing to showy or protruding but I think it’s lacking a little something There. Would love any opinions and recommendations for the lips too please!
    cant wait till these restrictions are over and I stop using “going to see my parents” excuse just go for a drive. 
    nice to meet everyone 

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