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    Stock Nissan 350z Exhaust. 2.5” vs 3”?
    I currently have a N/A 03 Track 350z and eventually want to get it dyno tuned after I’ve gotten all the supporting mods for it done. I plan on keeping it N/A as from what I’ve read you can’t turbo a stock 350z engine without it blowing up after around 15,000 kms as the stock engine can’t handle the extra boost. I’m currently doing the exhaust on it and need advice on what to do next. I currently have a 3” stainless steel mid and single exit pipe and 2.5” resonated test pipes. I’ve found some really good headers but they are 3” piping and I can get a custom 3” y-pipe made up or buy a 2.5” y-pipe. I’ve tried reading online and the opinions on the 2.5” or 3” exhaust is very in the middle. Do you guys think a stock 350z would have the back pressure to support a 3” exhaust all the way through or would it lose power? So basically should I get 3” headers and y-pipe or get 2.5” and keep the 3” mid pipe and single exit?
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