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  1. DAZZED added a post in a topic Fuel question   

    Great news in the end! I got special permission from the Owner of the Company and have been supplied a new Caltex Fuel Card that accepts Premium! Happy Days!!!!
  2. DAZZED added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Fuel question
    G'day all,
    I just bought a beautiful 2014 370Z and I have a question about fuel please? I prefer to use only Premium in all of my cars I have owned. However my Z will be used for visiting customers for work. My company supplies a Caltex fuel card but will not allow the use of premium. So I can only put E10 on the card and I am finding conflicting stories on the net about running it in a Z? The compatibility check https://www.e10fuelforthought.nsw.gov.au/compatibility-check states that it is suitable. I was also reading that no Premium was available in a certain country and they only have E10 and it has not caused any issues over many years.
    My preference is of course to use Premium, but that means I have to pay for all work related fuel. Otherwise I can use the company fuel card but only E10 for all of my fuel costs saving me a lot of money. So I would love to hear from anyone that has actually used E10?
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  3. DAZZED added a topic in Introductions   

    New Member just joined
    Hi everyone,
    I am in my 50's and just bought a 370Z. I owned a 240Z 30 years ago and have owned a couple of 300's over the years. The Z bug has always been there so I just purchased a 2014 370Z and love it. I live at Tathra on the beautiful NSW far south coast known as the Sapphire Coast. So there is no stop start traffic and only 5 sets of traffic lights between Bega and Eden. Winding country roads and pristine beaches makes it a beautiful place to live!
    Daz (Darren)
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