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  1. Newby101 added a post in a topic help!!! my brake squealing like crazy ?? (new brake pad)   

    I've got a similar issue. 
    I've taken off every wheel and checked the pads to make sure they're still 'drive-able' and theyre all fine.
    However the brakes squeal something cruel when I'm slowing down.
    They're fine on the first bit of pressure and when the pedal's almost entirely pressed in but in the mid range of the pedal the brakes squeal so very very loud...
    Has anyone found any fixes or hints as to what it is?
  2. Newby101 added a post in a topic Engine light coming on too frequently   

    So this thread didnt go anywhere at all but in case this helps out anyone in the future.
    The problem can basically be explained as an aftermarket exhaust kit.
    The sensors didn't like the emissions and intake numbers that they were reading because the exhaust wasn't stock.
    All I did to it was put a few spacers on the sensors and the light has stayed off since.
    Hope this helps
  3. Newby101 added a post in a topic 2012 MY11 370Z Power Windows   

    I've got an '09 370z (Aus) and I've got the same issue.
    I haven't had any luck finding any manuals or forums that are helpful yet...... sorry
    It's a real pain cause a black car in Australian weather.... HOT
  4. Newby101 added a post in a topic Berk HFC - Where to purchase from?   

    Yeah. I've got a 2009 370z and the previous owner put in an aftermarket exhaust. 
    Now the engine light comes on consistently.
    The service I've gone to said they'll try putting spacers on the O2 sensors and see if that makes a difference.
    Anyone have any other fixes to keep the engine light from coming on?
  5. Newby101 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Engine light coming on too frequently
    Hey guys. 
    Was hoping anyone would be able to help me out here. 
    I recently bought a 2009 370z Auto about 6 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve had to get it serviced 8 times due to the check engine light coming on. 
    I’ve had all the Oxy sensor and MAF’s replaced and the light still comes on.
    Whatever is causing it is also making the cars acceleration lag a bit. 
    Its getting beyond a joke now. I picked it up yesterday morning and by the afternoon the light was on. 
    Has as anyone had a similar issue // have any ideas to check for??
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