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  1. Button1 added a post in a topic Programming key fob   

    For the record I have a 2003 Nissan 350z Australian delivery and I have successfully programmed a new key fob for the car after sorting out two issues.
    1. The original remote I had operated at 315Mz frequency which I was let to believe would work on my car.  After having no success I purchased the 433Mz European version of the key fob and this turned out to be the correct one.
    2. There are at least 3 different methods to program 350z key fobs depending on the cars country of delivery eg. USA, UK, Japan.  The one that works for Australian cars is described as Method A in the attached instructions.  Unlike the USA & UK cars the hazard lights do not flash during the programming steps. 
    To programme do this -
    1. Close both doors.
    2. Both doors must be locked using the small rocker switch near the door handle.
    3. Insert the key into the ignition 5 times within 10 secs and remove.
    4.  Quickly insert the key again and the doors will unlock.
    5. Turn the key to the accessories position (not the on position).
    6. Quickly lock both doors again using the small rocker switch near the door handle.
    7. Press the unlock button on your key fob and both doors should unlock indicating the key fob is programmed.
    8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for additional key fobs.
    9. Remove the key from the ignition and all of your key fob should now be programmed and lock/unlock the car.
    Note: I did have trouble with the timing of these steps.  I found that unless step 5 & 6 were done quickly the car would not recognise the key fob at step 7.
    I hope this helps someone.