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    Knock in Bell housing after new clutch kit
    Hi all, looking for your thoughts....My wife's 370z manual is currently at the mechanics and he has fitted a clutch kit from Australian clutches (Dual Mass Fly Wheel) the kit included the usual parts plus new bolts, new master cylinder. Also fitted new OEM Tail shaft and whiteline rear diff bush kit. He advises he is uncomfortable with the results as although the car drives perfectly there is a metallic 'knock' when the engine is started and stopped. If your foot is on the clutch when starting or stopping the 'knock' is felt through your foot. He advises that with a 'stethoscope' he believes the source of the knock is within the bell housing. He contacted Australian clutches who want the kit removed and returned for testing.Has anyone had this issue or know what may be causing this knock? Any guidance is welcome.Thank you for reading this far. (2012 convertible with 101k on the clock)we have owned it for 2 trouble free years..
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