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    Of course I do ūüôā
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    Timing chain rattle
    Hello everyone,
     I bought 350z 04 a year ago. The original radiator cracked, so I replaced it and when I was in it, I decided to replace a thermostat (had to make my own gasket) and hoses so I am not completely technically useless... now, I noticed rattling noise only when drive in gear 3! I read few articles about rattling noise due to timing chain. Why would it be just while in gear 3 if it is timing chain? No noise when idling! However, I feel it’s sluggish or I might be spoiled from different cars... 
    How often do timing chains in 350z snap or miss the tooth?
    How much does it cost to replace it? Do you know anyone in SA who is able to do it?
    btw sorry for my English, it’s not one of my strongest languages.
    Thanks Alice
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