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  1. Flowin added a post in a topic Steering Lock failure Car wont start   

    I had very similar experience a week ago. Sept 2011 build, steering lock failed.
    My wife’s car. It refused to start and I could not help her at the time (2am on Friday morning). Car got towed to a “dealer service centre” we bought the car from, even though I had stopped taking the car there many years ago because of their poor service.
    After many hours around mid afternoon Friday dealer said steering lock problems, not covered by warranty, and will cost $2500 to replace ☹️
    I told them to wait and leave the car outside over the weekend.
    After a few hours on google on Friday night I found this forum and USA forum (excellent resources thank you) and it helped me understand steering lock failure is common and has some simple work arounds that dealerships are ignorant of. I went back to dealer on Saturday (knowing they were closed) with my other key fob. Tapped the steering lock a few times with hammer while pushing start key. This got the steering lock freed to start car and I took it home. Then when home I found the fuse, pulled it out. Starts fine and consistently after that.
    I went back to the dealer on Monday to get the other key fob they still had. They noticed me drive the car in that they had thought was “dead” on the previous Friday. Dealer said nothing, I don’t know why, maybe they were embarrassed.
    I certainly have now given up any confidence in the dealer that sold us our beloved Z.