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  1. Z34NIZ added a post in a topic Stillen exaust   

    HI damo-heato,
    I know it's been a very, very long time since this post was made but i came across it and was wondering if you still had all the parts for sale and if so how much would you want for them (I know the answer is probably no since it's been so long but might as well try).
  2. Z34NIZ added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Suggestions on Exhaust
    Hi guys,
    I'm relatively new here and have wanted to put an exhaust on my stock 2012 370Z for a long time.
    The exhaust combination i wanted to go with would be the Stillen CBE (Or Hi Tech, does anyone know about pricing?) with Berk HFC and maybe Z1 Headers with either a Stillen Gen 3 intake or Admin Tuning intake and a tune (all of this done over a couple of years).  To start off with I would get the Berks HFC first with the stock system and then maybe some time next year or late this year go for the Cat Back.
    Any suggestions on the setup i'm going for like to change any brands or parts please let me know.
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