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  1. Saeko added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Thanks for the reply- Ill have a look into them!
  2. Saeko added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi everyone!
    I currently own a 2015 Volkswagen Golf R and love it, fast and fun to drive. (please don't leave yet- LOL) Lately, I have been getting bored of it, and while at first I loved how subtle and sleeper like it looked- It just does not do it for me anymore, on top of some silly niggly issues that it has.
    I sat in a Nismo 370z at a showroom last weekend, and was instantly drawn to the car, It has almost everything the R does (Only 2 powered wheels, not 4 haha)- But it does look amazing- like a fast/fun car should.
    I have a couple of questions that I hope I can get answered- Ill admit that I only did a very quick search..
    What sort of problems am I to expect mechanically/electronically? (My golf has had common issues like consuming oil and/or coolant- apparently common for that motor)
    Best/Most common performance modifications? (I have seen limited things about Twin turbo kits and one intriguing turbo mounted with the exhaust- but I struggle to find anything from the slightly smaller mods-- Assume its probably headers, intake, catback, tune but Id still love to know)(Especaially anything helpful for the Australian market- not the US market)
    Anything else that I should look out for? (ex. A friend of a friend of mine lost his warranty after using his launch control just once in his brand new Focus RS as that apparently is a thing in their t's and c's. (I dont know if I believe it but somehow also not surprised if it is true)
    Thanks in advance everyone- Not sure how active internet forums are these days- been some time since I have been a part of an active car community online now..
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