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  1. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    I have a 2010 stock 370z and it too stared running really rough last year . After thinking the worst. Realized the battery was on its way out and the engine was not getting a nice clean spark. Changed battery and back to being brilliant. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic [ACT] Spotted!   

    Hi Ya Floggy 1965 Located in Banks ACT . Seen a white and Blue 370Z with a few 350's around
  3. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic RHD Dash kits   

    I too have been looking at these kits. I have asked some of the US producers and the best that came back was. If we knew which bits need mirroring they could do it? Any ideas!.
  4. Floggy1965 added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Formula 1 - Webber "The Legend
    That was the best race I have watched. Stuff Vettel and Hamilton. Starting at 18 and finishing 3rd. Man if he had a fully working car he would be rubbiing Vettel nose in it.

    In honour heres is Mark Add for Canberra Milk.... You may have missed this great add if you live outside of the Canberra Region.

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  5. Floggy1965 added a topic in Media Gallery   

    Transparent 370Z
    Just saw this add and couldn't believe it.
    Perfect Car!

    Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Car - The Making Of
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  6. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic Is this a scam?   

    Yep Total SCAM. BEWARE
  7. Floggy1965 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    10,000 service wow
    Just had the 10,000 service and the car feels like someone has turned the boost on?
    Do nissan limit the power for the first 10,000 to run the engine in. What are your thoughts?
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  8. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic I am going to Hell   

    I actually design Carparks and Roads etc. I will sneakly start putting in spaces just for us.
    Perhaps the Zclub can come up with a Pavement Stencil we can use to idetyfy these spaces.

    Heres a drawing of a new carpark in northern Canberra. I will see if we can sneak this one in.

    We will specifie the spaces 3m Wide so we can fit are big fat arses in them.

    See attached File...

  9. Floggy1965 added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    I am going to Hell
    Thought you might like to hear about my day so far.

    I was running late this morning so grabbed a coffee and Sausage/egg McMuffin from Lanyon “M”. AS usual the carpark was empty and I just threw the “Z” in it. Waiting in the Queue I was tapped on the shoulder from a woman behind me holding a small child. You know the sort.. The ones who think the rest of humanity should thank them for looking after the future of the human race because they are mothers…!

    Anyway, She asks “Is that you car parked just over the disabled spot?”. I looked out of the window and I had. So I replied, “Yeh! sorry about that”

    She continues “You will get you arse kicked”

    Me: “Only if they can get out of their wheelchair”…

    You should have seen her face.

    I am going to hell!!!!
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  10. Floggy1965 added a gallery image in Member's Galleries   

    Bredbo Pancake Cafe

    In album: Canberra Brekkie Run #2 Bredbo

    3 images in this album
    A bit of a surprise. Cafe is a bit dreary but the breakfast was Great. Not to sure about the Strwaberry, Orange and Kiwi fruit under the mountains of gorgeous bacon. But who am I to Judge.
  11. Floggy1965 added a gallery image in Member's Galleries   

  12. Floggy1965 added a gallery image in Member's Galleries   

    Some new 350Z - Great.

    In album: Canberra Brekkie Run #2 Bredbo

    3 images in this album
  13. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic Nissan Illuminated Kick Plates   

    Yeh took 2 hours. Being very careful. But fit and look great. Well worth the delivery costs. The instructions were very good, clear and helpful. Follwoing them ensured a professional job.

    Next thin will be to change the interior light to an Orange LED. I know a lot of people have an issue with the orange dashboard etc. But soemtimes you just have to embrace it. And if everyone else changes there's from orange then...
  14. Floggy1965 added a post in a topic iPod Interface with Ozzie BOSE System   

    Sorry guys no luck. We are just too small a market. Gizmo have been very helpful and sending the unit back for full refund.
    So has anyone fitted a complete after market unit?
  15. Floggy1965 added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Nissan Illuminated Kick Plates
    Has anyone installed these "Nissan Illuminated Kick Plates" from Courtesy Parts
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