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  1. Marsh added a post in a topic Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?   

    Hi Ralph
    im also 45 YO. And own the very car you describe, For me it’s a road registered track only car and sometimes it gets taken out for the odd cruise (twice in a year). I bought a used 2014 Non Nismo 370z Manual and did the following mods, the intention was to always have this as a track toy. 
    Oil cooler Z1- This needs to be your first Mod 
    New Hardrace bushes and rear arms throughout the car.
    stillen exhaust
    front upper control arms (SPL) 
    good set of 2 piece disks and race pads- brakes are really good for about 6 -7 Hard laps  Then you have to back off for 1- I may get brake ducting, I see no need for an upgrade here.
    MCA Red coil overs - best Mod ever I can turn them down and they are very comfy. 
    white line front sway Bar 
    standard rear sway bar 
    Standard subframe and diff bushes ( I need to do the diff ones) 
    1 race seat 😀
    1 professional race level alignment and corner balance 
    Nt01 semi slick 275 40 18 all round 
    car has a basic tune to enable left foot braking and maybe get it a little more responsive -uprev
    Nismo body kit for the looks - 😎
    the car is absolutely on Rails And turn In is Porsche like. In the correct hands will Keep up with a hi end sports Car ( Not on the straights however, but Its not drag racing! ) 
    Things I’d do to it now? 
    half cage (For my well-being) 
    Mechanical LSD As the VLSD doesn’t like getting hot and I have to change fluids every track day to keep it working.
    a few instructors have jumped in with me and they have been surprised on the cars composure and balance and those guys get to see a lot of cars.
    Im after something Lighter and more track only for my next car and am contemplating selling the Z but I would do so with a heavy heart, Maybe I can convince the Wife to keep it for her Daily.... 
    All the best