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  1. Muzzytt added a post in a topic 07 Z with mystery illness   

    Hey mate I recently had a similar issue. 
    I ended up getting the NDS III app on my phone and did the idle 're learn but mine was not as bad as what you're describing. 
    I pulled an injector to try it to 're learn etc but idled around 700 rpm.
  2. Muzzytt added a post in a topic VQ35HR twin throttle issue   

    No one have this issue?
  3. Muzzytt added a post in a topic VQ35HR twin throttle issue   

    Ever since I bought it the Speedo also does this when reds are on. 
    The needles for both Speedo and tacho jump up.  Any ideas on this also?
  4. Muzzytt added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    VQ35HR twin throttle issue
    Hi all,
    Recently we did the throttle body mod by blocking off the water supply to them. 
    While there my mate decided to clean the insides of the tb with t.v. cleaner. 
    Long story short  it does this weird thing when coming off throttle just under 2000rpm it hangs then comes down. 
    I've removed battery let it drain of power overnight did the idle re learn etc. Doesn't seem to effect it still the same.
    Is there any other way to do this.  When my friend cleaned the tb battery was still connected. 
    I been reading this not a good idea. 
    Any help is appreciated
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  5. Muzzytt added a post in a topic 350z speedo issue   

  6. Muzzytt added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    350z speedo issue
    I noticed my speedo is reading way too high. 
    Higher than what's displayed on digital display. 
    I also noticed the taco was reading abit high. 
    One day i discover that when i switch ignition on to the reds the speedo and tacho needles jump up a bit and stay there. 
    I think this is my problem but can't understand why its doing this?
    Any ideas ?
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  7. Muzzytt added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Wakefield park
    1.11.79 using a050 tyres top down roadster.