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  1. OBSESSED added a post in a topic How to post car for sale?   

    Is there a ruling still that says one can't post his Zed for sale unless he's posted a number of posts beforehand and if so how many?
  2. OBSESSED added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    It's a great option but I've found out the process of getting it registered here in SA will be a long one as they now have new hoops for me to jump through after it's inspection 
  3. OBSESSED added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Awesome, go hard with the SC but from what I see of mine, what little room there was under the bonnet will become even less!! 
  4. OBSESSED added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Hey Steve,
    The guy I brought it off said it developed 400Hp at the rear wheels. It's also had a Invidia exhaust, MCA street coil-overs and upgraded brakes, rotor and dot 6 brake fluid. It's an auto with an auto down-shift throttle rev from 5 below (never had such a thing before) sounds really good coming up to lights .
    Have you got a S/c or getting one? They are insane response and not too hard to get into a wheel spin even when moving .
  5. OBSESSED added a topic in Introductions   

    Yeah, hello
    I am looking forward to see what will transpire within this club and information that I hope will flow to see other users, events and maybe buying power for adding some finishing touches to my 2nd Zed.
    Brought this 370 from NSW which has had extensive work done it, supercharged and pretty much track ready with mods to suspension and brakes. Unfortunately I have to move my 89' 300ZX TT on but such is life! 

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