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  1. #1ZED added a post in a topic New member   

  2. #1ZED added a post in a topic Steering Lock failure Car wont start   

    All good, hit the steering lock with a small hammer, took two goes, then pushed starter button, was able to get it into ACC mode, pulled the steering lock fuse, started car and got the hell out of the Nissan workshop! The look on their faces was priceless.
  3. #1ZED added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Steering Lock failure Car wont start
    Hi All, Firstly I tried to add this to an existing thread titled 'steering lock failure' however last page wont open- tried  a few times. Mod please move thread as appropriate

    This week my car late 2011 370Z failed to start. Tried new battery in intel key, fob in slot etc. NRMA could not start, car now towed to Nissan. I was generally aware of a steering lock problem on 370z’s  but thought it only effected 2009-10 models.
    After doing some online reading I have all the same symptoms, lock sign on at the start button and small yellow key warning light is on. (wheel was not physically locked though)

    Has this occurred to anyone here on 2011 and up models? 2009-10 were subject to a voluntary recall and they had there type A,B or C Electronic Steering Lock Units (ESLU) replaced with a D model which was fitted to 2011 cars. I believe cars 2012 and up have no ELSC fitted what so ever. I have read that the D rev are also having problems.
    Has anyone fitted or had Nissan fit a new ELSC on their 2011 an up models? What did it cost, I’m sure they will charge me a fortune. I read someone was quoted $2600.Even if I do replace its likely to fail again in the future.
    The  fix is supposed to be hit Electronic Steering Control Unit-ESCU quite hard to fully disengage lock, switch to assessorial (ACC) mode and pull fuse near battery called Steering lock.
    If I can’t get car started by hitting the ESCL I wonder If I could remove the unit, fit a second hand one (assuming its working), start car, or place in ACC mode and then pull fuse?
    At this stage I am planning to go down to my car at Nissan, bang the unit with a hammer, attempt to put car in to ACC, pull fuse and drive off, as the US Z forum recommends.
    Any other help/idea’s much appreciated.
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  4. #1ZED added a post in a topic 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS   

    Cancel that!
  5. #1ZED added a post in a topic Tyre of choice for the most comfy ride? Michelin wins?   

    I have just bought the Pilot sport 4, did not really know about the 4s. Anyway they still get a good review so I will see how I go 
  6. #1ZED added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Hi Mate, this forum has gone quite in recent times, a lot of discussion on the facebook site. It would be good if more posted in the topics/folders here, much easer to troll through etc. The site recently appeared to be taken over by spam posts but hopefully that has been resolved-that certainly didn't help people posting.
    The US 370 forum is very good for the info you are after. Hope you end up buying one.
    I love my Roadster but have only added a CBE. 
  7. #1ZED added a post in a topic PH44TT   

    Cool Jamie, looking forward to seeing it also. I love my Roadster
    I notice you joined the Official Sydney fairlady Z owners car club. I'm a member as well so hope to see you and your car at a club drive shortly. They usually have one a month and next one is on the16 Mar, old pacific hwy up to Caves beach area although I wont be able to make it, damn it!
  8. #1ZED added a post in a topic Hi there everyone   

    Absolutory agree 100%, the forum is much much better platform for discussing all issues, topics etc on our cars, so much easier with all the specific running folders etc. -everyone should just use facebook for organising events and general chatter.
    Welcome Peter, great car and gotta love the red. I drove far and wide to pickup my 2012 red roadster. Enjoy
  9. #1ZED added a post in a topic Getting rid of these shit spam posts   

    Excellent, thanks Badthing
  10. #1ZED added a post in a topic 370z soft top replacement   

    Hi Cam, how did you end up with your new top? All fitted well and working well?
  11. #1ZED added a post in a topic 370z Spare Button in Center Console (between heated seats)   

    That's cool Mud-well done and how practical! I have the Roadster so i'm all good
  12. #1ZED added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    Getting rid of these shit spam posts
    Is there anyway of removing/blocking all these shitty spam posts? They are starting to really clog things up
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  13. #1ZED added a post in a topic Soft top repairer in Sydney?   

    Hi Tony, just saw your post, although it is over 6 months old now. Did you end up getting your roof sorted? If so whereabouts. I own a Roadster, live in Newcastle and am having an issue with the deck lid hitting the roof 5th bow.Still opens and closes fine for now. It appears to be a very common problem as I have following the ongoing US 370z forum on this matter. There is actually a Nissan service bulletin out for this plus others for roof issues.
  14. #1ZED added a post in a topic G"day from the riverina   

    Hi There, with regards to event meeting etc you may want to also link up with a smaller group from Sydney. This community here appears more for general discussion etc, which is great, a lot a good info in theses forums. Some events do run via the facebook page but i don’t think one has run in NSW for many years.
    I just joined the 'Official Sydney Fairlady Z owners’ club, which seem to be mainly 350/370z owners. They are very active with events/drives etc, going to my first one this Sat 12 Jan called ZFEST 2019, a bit of a show & shine-all for fun and lunch, already 23 going so should be great-check out their Facebook page.

  15. #1ZED added a post in a topic I finally made it here   

    I am in a similar position, not planning on doing too many mods but have definitely decided on a exhaust upgrade. Will be picking up a new  Invidia Gemini CBE down on the central coast shortly-can't wait to hear some decent notes coming out of my Zed😊