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  1. jungle added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Hi Guys,
    These times were in my RB25powered Sil80 Dunlop DG03 semi slicks in 2009. 
    Queensland raceway sprint circuit  56.6
    Clubman 58.9
    National circuit 1:18.8
    I have video of the 56.6 
  2. jungle added a post in a topic Newbie   

  3. jungle added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi everyone.  New to the site. Not new to Nissan,which i've had for 16 years, had 180sx, 32GTR and my pride and joy, VQ35HR twin turbo powered Sil80.  All of which sadly are now gone. 
    I've joined to hopefully sell my last remaining VQ bits.  Brian Crower stroker crank and Carrillo rods. Hope my intro will allow to post in the for sale section and hopefully offer you guys some bits if you're after them. 
    If an Admin can advise what i need to do to post, it would be appreciated. I had a ready through but didn't find any info on this. 
    Thanks in advance. 
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