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  1. 1313 added a post in a topic 370Z or vw mk7 r   

    ^haha, so true.
    I bought a brand new golf R last year & put a Burger motorsports tuning box on it (I had one on a BMW 335i as well, which really woke the car up, but the lack of LSD in that car was hard to take), anyway the golf was quick - especially using launch control (DSG box), thing would spin up all 4 wheels - problem with that car was it was only fun to drive when doing stupid speeds on the street & yeah, not much to look at..
  2. 1313 added a post in a topic HI, noob looking for a 370Z   

    yeah, i was going straight when I floored it - after coming from a tuned brand new golf R I was quite surprised of the pull & speed of the 2009 Z I test drove.
    reason for the question, is that I'm not going to buy that car & was hoping it was normal for all Z's. (who knows what mods that car had, as it was at a car yard).
    Well, Ive found a 2017 auto demo with 200kms on it I can get for $45k (no onroads in that price) - dont really want to spend that much, but its in the colour we really want.
  3. 1313 added a post in a topic HI, noob looking for a 370Z   

    nah, the Z is for my wife & she wants auto.
  4. 1313 added a post in a topic Softer ride with standard road clearance?   

    set of adjustable coilovers with softer springs than stock
  5. 1313 added a post in a topic Looking to get a 350z   

    yeah, keep saving, Ive seen 09 370'z in the high teens - sure they might have 170,000 kms+  but the car will still have many years of life left in it
  6. 1313 added a post in a topic HI, noob looking for a 370Z   

    also, would a stock auto 370z when floored in 1st manual mode be normal to light up the rears and step out?
  7. 1313 added a topic in Introductions   

    HI, noob looking for a 370Z
    wife wants a auto 370z (MY11+), we test drove a 09 at a dealer on saturday - it had a cat back exhaust as the only mod I think, but sweet jeebus I was impressed by how it went (im no stanger to quick cars, i had a brand new tuned golf mk 7 R last year).
    Hoping to find one here as Ive been looking on gumtree/carsales OZ wide.
    Might even consider a dealer run out new one.
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