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  1. ugame added a post in a topic You've got 90k to blow on a garage queen   

    If it's going to be a queen, then might as well make it a bit of an investment as well.
    So out goes anything "recent" like a GTR.
    NSX would be a good choice I think.
    Ferrari 348 or 360 would be tempting, but import, you're looking at rust issues (plus the GBP is strong again), and anything local would be the worst of the bunch at that price
    What about some American Muscle?
  2. ugame added a post in a topic WA 2013 Amazing Race   

    now to do the Pasta Run 2014 video lol.
    The one that will never see the light of day is the footage i have from the Gingin British Car meet. I dont even know what year it's from.
  3. ugame added a post in a topic WA 2013 Amazing Race   

    Sorry it's a little late guys
    Smashed it out on Saturday in time for the aus300zx.com BBQ event Sunday.
  4. ugame added a post in a topic [WA] Spotted!   

    Keep spotting a black 350Z modified with P plates regularly leaving the city at around 4pm, and heading through the tunnel, and down the farmer, and onto great eastern, and onto Kalamunda Road.
    Yes I'm the annoying prick in the 300C.
    Anyone on here? 
  5. ugame added a post in a topic [WA] Spotted!   

    Spotted gorgeous looking young lady driving an almost as good looking red 350z track roaster down kalamunda road at 6 am this morning enjoying a coffee.
  6. ugame added a post in a topic WA: New Driver Penalties from Sept 2014   

    yeah that ACTUAL change to that rule is it will now cost you $200 not $100 as it was before.
    Whoever wrote the article was a dick. As with most modern online "journalism".
  7. ugame added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    WA: New Driver Penalties from Sept 2014
    Click the link which details in FULL:
    The changes will be introduced from the Queen’s Birthday Weekend in September.
    ·         Using your mobile phone in the car will now cost you $400, and drink-driving will cost you at least $400 for an 0.05 offence.
    ·         Travelling at 30km/h to 40km/h over the speed limit will increase from five demerit points to six.
    ·         Failing to stop at a red light or red arrow will increase from three demerit points to four.
    ·         A new penalty of three demerit points for failing to drive at a speed at which you can safely stop when approaching a pedestrian crossing.
    ·         A new penalty of two demerit points for entering an intersection after the traffic light has turned yellow.
    ·         An increase from two demerit points to four for overtaking when unsafe to do so or failing to keep a safe distance when overtaking.
    The rule changes target unsafe driving practices that had the highest risk of causing a crash.

    “We need to do everything we can to discourage unsafe driving behaviour, which is why penalties need to reflect how dangerous these driving offences are,”.

    Ms Harvey said tough penalties were needed to break new bad habits, like mobile phone use in cars, in the same way that tough penalties enforced the wearing of seatbelts.

    “The illegal use of mobile phones in the vehicles continues to plague the community, with drivers seemingly unable to resist the urge to touch their phone while driving,” she said.
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  8. ugame added a post in a topic Anyone here play video games?   

    PSN add me BLVCKK
  9. ugame added a post in a topic Paul walker from fast and furious is dead :(   

    Just a reminder for all us car nuts. Movies and games ain't real! This shit is real and there is no respawn.

    ESPECIALLY when you have a mate in the car DO NOT be a cock.

    Movies lie. We don't live forever. We break. We die.

    Drive safe zedders.
  10. ugame added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Paul walker from fast and furious is dead :(

    Holy crap no
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  11. ugame added a post in a topic Anyone here play video games?   

    Not played iracing but did try live for speed which is another popular pc SIM

    Re the g27 adaptor for Xbox sadly that doesn't support force feedback at all. Maybe better than nothing I guess but that's why I've not purchased one.
  12. ugame added a post in a topic Seriously: It is about "Mens Health"   

    Ironically when I moved to aus from the UK 11 odd years ago, Australia seemed more liberal than the UK.

    Its changed fast IMHO.
  13. ugame added a post in a topic WTF Man sells testicle to buy 370z   

    What a dick head.

    Great car but worth a body part? Hardly!
  14. ugame added a post in a topic Anyone here play video games?   

    Been playing since pacman (well actually a clone on the PHILLIPS G7000).

    Went though a heavy PC only phase for flight Sims and UT.

    Now I'm a casual gamer with an xbox360, PS3 and Wii.

    Personally prefer the ps3 and gaming life for a long time now has meant bf3 multiplayer every night before bed lol

    For driving games I love forza but there are no good wheels for the Xbox now.

    For gt5 on the ps3 I have a racing seat made out of a 300zx passenger seat and a Logitech g27
  15. ugame added a post in a topic The WRX as an alternative   

    Wrx = evo without he evo tax.

    Will be more practicle, handle better (awd) and be faster than your 350z. Fact.

    Personally, I hate them. Too common. Don't look sporty. Look like any other 4 banger sedan IMHO.

    But regardless of why I hate them, everything in my second line is true. They are an awesome car and shit on most zeds.