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  1. timjj added a post in a topic New Pads, New rotors, same traffic light tinnitus!   

    So I wanted to update this post even though it never went anywhere. Might help anyone else with similar issues.
    Spoke with a Bendix rep and he sent me some lubricant to go between the pad and the calipre. Called Ceramasil.
    This stuff is great, it hasn't completely stopped the noise but reduced it by 70%. Also giving the calipers a solid clean out of dust and what not probably didn't hurt. Repco sell a tube with more than you'll probably ever need. Link below.

    Still though, brakes aren't silent enough. They used to make no noise. After talking to a couple people they recommended my putting some shims in between the caliper and pad. No idea why the brake pads didn't come with this or the Mechanics who did they job didn't suggest it. Anyhow, ive ordered in some from ConceptZ and when they arrive ill drop them in and report back. Link to the shims are below also.


  2. timjj added a post in a topic Anyone know where i can source.....   

    These guys might be able to help.
  3. timjj added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    New Pads, New rotors, same traffic light tinnitus!
    Hey all,
    Thought id hit up anyone that has had similar issues with the Z non-brembo brakes squealing under light pressure.
    My brakes were perfect up until about 12 months ago when discovered the fronts needed replacement. No big deal. Replaced them myself with some soft pads, used anti-seize grease, and they were good for about 1000ks. Anyway, they started squealing again at low pressure, I couldn't work it out so I took it into a mechanic. $700 later, new Bendix pads (harder than I had), new rotors, bedded them in, same old blasted squeal at low pressure and shockingly worse in wet weather. 
    The mechanics were happy to take my money and not find a solution, lucky for them they don't risk tinnitus every time I pull up at a traffic light!

    Any one had similar issues and worked out what it is?
    Any ideas are much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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  4. timjj added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    Not a bad way to start Rob. Might hunt around some wreckers and see what I can find. Will keep you posted. The thought of having a nice 22 degrees coming out my vents...  A man can dream..
  5. timjj added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    Thanks for the reply Rob, Hoping I can find someone who has opened up these control boxes but doesn't seem like its that common of a problem. Shall keep hunting before take into a specialist.
    Got this reply else where: Not sure if it is right but will look into and write back on here with results.
    I really hope its the control box and not the following!

    If you're not getting an inbetween range, it could have something to do with the blower box vent valve. That vent valve opens and closes redirecting airflow between recirculate and outside air. If you're getting steady hot or cold when set to both extremes (max cold and max hot) then it sounds like both, your AC Evap core and Heater core are functioning as intended. This is where I would look next. Maybe the servo arm stopped working or broke somehow? It's fairly easy to access the blower motor housing. But before dropping it, I would suggest pulling up the battery cowling under the hood. From there you can visually inspect the vent flap/valve from the outside air inlet port. Make sure it's opening and closing in accordance with your AC controls. I'm not an expert with the Z's AC system beyond this. There could be other components behind the dash that work to together with the blower box to help manage temperature. I believe there are other vent valves/doors that redirect airflow. For example the front window defrost and foot well vent settings.
  6. timjj added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot
    HI guys,
    I have a 2004 350Z softtop and have had issues with AC unit since I got it. 
    The AC unit has 2 options - Cold (when set at 18 on the dial) and Hot when set to anything but 18. Makes no difference is AC button is on or off. There is no range. I have read it can be because of the sun sensor on the dash (no idea how that could be of any effect). I replaced the passenger side one but makes no difference - no surprise there. I have pulled the white AC control box out from under the stereo but everything looks fine. No broken cables, all lights and functions of the unit work - just the ability to adjust them temperature is stuffed. Anyone come across this issue before and been able to find a solution? Really annoying having either a hot or cold cabin and nothing in between!
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  7. timjj added a post in a topic Convertible roof won't go down?   

    Silly reply to start off but make sure you have your foot on the brake. It wont go back unless your are stationary and foot is on the brake.
    I have the same model and I have found it does not like the cold as previous reply mentioned - must be the rigidity of the fabric. If its a cold morning, it will get about 75% of the way and get stuck. If its warm - goes back no problem.