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  1. me123 added a post in a topic Remote help for 350Z   

    Hey I just did this and it wasn't quite like all the instructions say. Do the key six times and the doors unlock, now lock the doors using the manual lock by the door handle - not the electronic lock button down by the window controls. Press a button on the remote and the doors will unlock to signal it has paired. 
    I think I had to put the key to acc and lock the doors quickly after doing the six inserts, then the remote could be pressed without rushing. 
  2. me123 added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi all, currently looking for a z
    Hi all,
    I had a TT a few years ago and loved it, when I sold it people told me I'd regret it, and I definitely miss it! I've been traveling, but now back and working again so I'm thinking perhaps a 350z is in order. I absolutely love the sound of the x-force 350z on youtube, that sound alone is enough to make me want one.
    Hey if anyone has something for sale hmu, I currently have 11k (only just got back to work after traveling) but that will stretch a couple of grand within a few weeks. Would have to be manual, not too heavy in the mods although love that exhaust. I can travel anywhere for work, and could totally work in a road trip home. Open to arrangements of whatever kind you can think of. I can get you a drone license as part payment at a very reduced price if anyone is into that.
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