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  1. gt42001.rj added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Selling my 370Z
    Hello all,
    I'd like to list my 370z here for sale on the site.
    I'm a member but cant see how to list it?
    Sorry, but can someone please help?
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  2. gt42001.rj added a topic in I.C.E   

    2012 370z Navigation Update
    Hi all,
    Was just wondering if anyone here had recently updated to latest 370z software/maps.
    I spoke to Nissan Moorooka in Qld last week and they quoted $249.00.
    Does anyone know what it updates? To latest Bluetooth? better menus, etc? Or is it just map info?
    Was also told it's done by computer hookup to vehicle.
    Any help/info would be much appreciated.
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