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  1. nasawalker04 added a post in a topic New to zclub considering a 370z   

    Going to look at the car today super excited guy seems pretty cool about me just looking so ill see how it goes.
  2. nasawalker04 added a topic in Introductions   

    New to zclub considering a 370z
    Hi everyone
    I am new to this forum and joined in the hope that someone around my area, Warrnambool southwest Victoria, would be willing to let me have a go in their 370z so as to make up my mind as to whether i would be happy in one.
    I have been considering a newer car for some time as all could attest and have found a 370z in coburg melbourne for 21k with reasonable miles on it 121k and just wanting to drive one before i purchase the vehicle.
    Pretty sure i would love it as wanting a rwd coupe with manual transmission though coming from a auto fwd "so called sports sedan" ralliart magna mite seem a bit strange the only other vehicles i have considered are the 86/brz or an e46 m3 both i can tell come with different advantages and disadvantages. The brz/86 being not so powerful though never driven one but with great dynamics and reliability? The m3 would be a gamble in terms of reliability and cost thats why 370z seems like the one for me.
    Thoughts suggestions and anyone willing to let me drive theirs even a 350z would be nice appreciated.
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