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  1. Voodoo_Priest added a post in a topic 370z 2013 steering column lock   

    You know what upsets me most, being told that the problem I have experienced could not happen. I have the photos and paperwork to prove the steering became locked whilst I left the car in the parking lot. On my return it had completely shut down and the steering was locked. I am unsure if Ian Lithgow's (from Australian Cars Review) response was mocking me or calling me a liar, however it is factual and it was experienced first hand. In the personal response by Ian, he made mention that the symptoms I experienced had affected the 2008-2010 Z models. I am living proof it continues to affect other models and Nissan were stunned by the issue being evident in my 2013 model. The Nissan mechanic that got my Z back on the road said it was unusual because Nissan had modified the ESCL to prevent further instances. I still have no explanation for why I experienced the incident but apparently there are not enough reported instances of this occurring to raise concerns with Nissan. I am bitterly disappointed with the response from my mechanic and Ian Lithgow. It is a shame that everyone turns their back the minute your warranty runs out and the car hasn't even done 50k. I look after my car, get it serviced regularly and take pride in it's appearance. Nothing hurts most when you have a defective car. I hope that more Z owners report similar instances so the issue will be taken seriously. I hope this doesn't become an issue for other, but if it does, please report it to Nissan Australia. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Voodoo_Priest added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    370z 2013 steering column lock
    You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that the steering column lock is not uniquely my problem. Nissan Australia are aware of the problem and have done nothing to assist their supporters. 
    I have looked on-line and seen that the majority of countries (UK, USA, Canada, South Africa... etc) have issued a recall. Wake up Nissan Australia, there is a problem with the steering lock.
    After having the 370z delivered to Nissan's doorstep, they then give me some lame excuse that the issues I have experienced (total lock down of the car) relates to the ECU and I am required to pay $1500 to get it back on the road. I am not sure how accurate their research and analysis is but I was left with no option - to have or not have a car. Difficult choice.
    i am not impressed with Nissan's response to an obviously well publicised problem around the world. The fact that Nissan Australia refuses to acknowledge the issue is even more concerning. I am now concerned for my safety and worry this issue may occur again. 
    I will be seeking legal advice and believe that a class action may have grounds if a supporter of Nissan is injured because of a misdiagnosis of the issue. 
    Only time will tell.
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