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  1. romaniac85au added a post in a topic 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS   

    Hey bud,
    I've also got a copy of the v20 maps (DVD Version) but when I burnt them to a DVD, I popped it into the DVD rom in the car, loaded it successfully but I cannot type in an address. Did you have this problem?
    Some say, from the US 370Z site that it could be the quality of media I'm using. Any thoughts?
  2. romaniac85au added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    12v sockets in 2010 370z not working.
    Hi Guys,
    I did a search but couldn't see any info on the topic but I have a 2010 370z and the two 12v sockets to use a car charger do not work. I've tested my charger in the Pajero and it works fine. Nothing tho from the Z. 
    Any ideas?
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  3. romaniac85au added a post in a topic '07 Bose Headunit Upgrade in WA   

    Hey Craig, 
    Any options for 370z's? I'm in Ellenbrook myself and wouldn't mind the drive down for the sake of a better head unit.
  4. romaniac85au added a post in a topic 09 370z NAV SYSTEM   

    Hey bud,
    From the hours of research, this is  what I've found.
    1) No.
    2) Not really. There some options but if take out the OEM, there isn't "enough room" to fit an aftermarket one.
    3) Fronts are 6.5" and the rears are 3.5"
    4) Yes, but you need all new cabling
    Hope that helps.
  5. romaniac85au added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Power steering boiling/bubbling??
    Hi guys,
    Recently bought a 2010 Z with 28,500km on the clock and I've noticed that my power steering reservoir is bubbling at the top of the fluid line (not the actual cap). Best demo I can provide is: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pj9Hs4u5MMI
    There's some forum talk in the US about how the screw cap is crap and air sometimes leaks in. Anyone have experience with this issue?
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  6. romaniac85au added a post in a topic Entry level coilover   

    @RedZ, where did you find that $1,300 price? Old thread I know but curious.
  7. romaniac85au added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    Hi Guys,
    So I downloaded the v20 maps from a site, burnt it to disc successfully and loaded it into the DVD player and got it all to work. Only problem is I cannot set a destination! 
    When I try and click into "Change Area", the button acknowledges it but it won't go into the actually part of that menu. Could anyone help? Possible solution to put the v19 maps in instead and try that??
  8. romaniac85au added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    370Z Standard Springs Required - Newbie :-(
    Good evening all,
    Firstly I DO APOLOGISE for not posting this on the "Car Parts Wanted" Section but I do not have access to either reply to posts or the OP selling standard springs won't accept PM. Oh, and I just joined 2 or so weeks back.
    Anyone on here have a set of 370Z standard springs they can sell/sell and deliver to me to Perth, WA? 
    Again, I'm sorry for not being able to post in the correct area and happy for this thread to be moved, but bought my 2010 370Z a week ago (upgraded from a Honda S2000 I had for 11 years) and worried I'll get picked up by the police for too low.
    Thanks in advance,
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