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William David Powers

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  1. William David Powers added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    steering lock problem
    I have just had to have my 370Z roadster towed back to the dealer. with the top down, windows down.
    Wouldnt start. they tell me its the STEERING LOCK ASSEMBLY FAILURE. I have had the car from new only done 24000 K
    its 6 years  now. Rang  Nissan on the advice of the dealers mechanic. who thought Nissan would come to the party & replace at their cost.
    NO was the reply. I spoke to Nissan customer care & got the same answer.
    On more investigation on the net it seems this is a common fault & Nissan know all about it. There have been recalls  but it seems my Vin number was not on the list.
    I ask what constiutes  BEING ON THE VIN LIST they could tell me anything.
    It will cost more than $2000.00 to fix . according to the net   this doesn't mean it will not happen again. I am told thar are also other fixes which can be done. does anybody know about this.?
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