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Da Happy Panda

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  1. Da Happy Panda added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Suspension dampening for coil overs
    Lifted my z for the first time and my wheel dropped like a foot out of the well (no wonder it been so rough) Question is can anyone recommend anyone that can dampen my supention around canberra area? Thanks guys!!!
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  2. Da Happy Panda added a post in a topic GT WANG   

    Hey Kam80 Have you tested this in the road (0km/h - 100km/h) Im looking at not changing mods between track (if i get there) and road plus for me i enjoy the look of a wing. The only thing is i dont want to suffer much power lose on the road if i get it installed. Thanks in advance
  3. Da Happy Panda added a post in a topic Tyre Lettering?!?   

    Through the dirt and rain i arived in sydney. The marker i used was the uni paint white marker from supercheap auto and i hand painted it on by draining the pen onto paper.
  4. Da Happy Panda added a post in a topic Tyre Lettering?!?   

    So i did light coats on oil paint yesterday havent been driving yet but this is what it turned out like. Im driving to sydney to day so ill post again when im there with the results.
  5. Da Happy Panda added a post in a topic Tyre Lettering?!?   

    Where abouts are you for "this heat"? Im in canberra so this time of year its getting to about 35 max and 22 low. Thanks for all the info! :D Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  6. Da Happy Panda added a topic in General Wheels & Tyres   

    Tyre Lettering?!?
    Hey guys, I just got new ventus evo2's all round and had an idea to do tyre lettering in white with an oil based paint pen. I was wondering what other had done or if it even worth panting them on... Thanks guys
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  7. Da Happy Panda added a topic in Introductions   

    Im New
    Hey guys 
    I just bought my 350z off an old member. im planning on being around on these forums  more and more as youve all definitely helped by me just reading topic while i was buying. 
    Anywho thats me hope to beable to metts some of you soon!!
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