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  1. Cam added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    New Speedo
    I've seen prettier but at least shes accurate and readable. would eventually like to make up another bracket or find a better place to mount it so its not tilted like that but it works. Before this i was using one of those ones that reflect off the windshield but the steep rake of the glass made it a little blurry which annoyed me. gauge is an AUTOOL X-60 off ebay, connects to the OBD port, is programmable and can also be use to read and clear codes. shuts off automatically so it can be left plugged in with minimal drain. will see how it goes. Unfortunately its a lot dimmer than id like. Yes im in a KFC drivethrough XD

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  2. Cam added a post in a topic 370z soft top replacement   

    Tops Online. They also sell the bungee cord kit to go with it. I sent them an email and the kit comes with instructions.
  3. Cam added a post in a topic 370z soft top replacement   

    It probably is but I'm pretty particular about my toys. I ended up finding an aftermarket top in the states for about 1500 delivered and Nissan Australia will do the oem top for 3000 installed. That's actually not bad for a genuine lid - they wanted 18000 for the top on my old 350 because they wanted to replace the whole mechanism so I went aftermarket and did it myself. 3000 is OK. At least then I'll have warranty on the kit and the install. 
  4. Cam added a post in a topic replacing the factory HUD   

    Ive been thinking some more and I’m now considering mounting a mechless headunit in the glovebox and just running an rca line out to piggy back into the factory system aux. it kills a few birds with one stone - Bluetooth, better phone, multi band equaliser, cheap and won’t ruin the factory look. The glovebox is too small to be useful for storage but I think a single din headunit would fit nicely in there and will require minimal wiring. It’ll also free up the centre console compartment and the 12v socket for phone charging. I have an old head unit lying around somewhere so I can see how it looks and play around with a faceplate designbefore I commit to it.
  5. Cam added a topic in I.C.E   

    replacing the factory HUD
    has anyone done it?
    i was thinking about replacing the LCD with a double din HU or an appropriately sized android tablet. I know id lose the reverse cam and the AC temperature but the reverse cam sucks and i could always use the AC in manual which i pretty much do now anyway. I bought a 2010 model 370 so lucky me i got the one without bluetooth audio so right now a 10 year old ipod sticky taped to the dashboard would be a better entertainment system than the one nissan tried to pass off as premium so im open to suggestions. Im currently doing ok with a bluetooth receiver pluged into the AUX, but the whole two band equaliser on the factory system just doesnt cut. for some reason jacking up the bass slider just increases the lower midrange drone and none of the low range punch im looking for. I know the factory bose system is capable of the goods because i used an inline equaliser to filter out the midbass and it sounded great. i just want a headunit with at least 5 band....
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  6. Cam added a post in a topic 2010 370z Bluetooth Music Stream   

    you know, ive never actually connected straight into the RCA - that has never been an option - i refuse to plug in and unplug my phone every time i get in and out of the car so regardless of any quality difference it hasnt been worth testing because its not something im prepared to do. what I can tell you it sounds good, im not getting any discernable digital signal or ground loop noise....im happy. Before plugging it into the 370 this same module was being used as a receiver for my old home stereo and it sounded good connected to that as well so thats what gave me the idea of trying it in the car. As nice as it sounds, sadly it doesnt sound as good as the stereo in my old 350Z but from what ive read on here thats accurate. nissan kinda went backwards on the 370.
  7. Cam added a post in a topic 2010 370z Bluetooth Music Stream   

    i just clicked the first link - there might be some cheaper but mine looks exactly like this with both RCA and 3.5mm outputs
  8. Cam added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    OBD2 Protocol
    Hi guys.
    I was going through my stuff and I found my OBD2 cable that i was using for a BMW i had. I remember at the time i had to buy a cable that supported K+D Protocols (ie K+DCAN cable). Will this work with my 370 or is this something totally different? Now that i have a japanese car again my old trusty bluetooth module works great so i cant see myself ever using the cable again, but i dont want to throw it away if it is still useful.
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  9. Cam added a post in a topic 2010 370z Bluetooth Music Stream   

    I bought a bluetooth audio receiver with RCA out off ebay that works a treat, and its 5v too so a cigarette lighter usb phone charger powers it and keeps it all hidden. I can connect my phone to it and the factory handsfree at the same time no worries. I also bought a little round bluetooth remote from Jaycar that is a little smaller than a 20c coin and comes with a steering wheel clip holder so i can play/pause/skip tracks without having to touch the phone. Apparently the button cell that powers it lasts about 2 years so i dont need to worry about charging it. I was thinking about buying a cheap android tablet and mirroring the screen via the monitor input but for now im happy enough with this setup
  10. Cam added a post in a topic How to correct 370Z speedo error?   

    Probably a bit late for most but I only bought my 370 last weekend and like everyone else i was annoyed by the speedo being out so much. I dont trust GPS speedometers because they fluctuate too much and are slow to refresh, but i found the OBD2 port gives you access to the correct speed even if its not showing on the clocks. I used the torque app and one of those bluetooth OBD2 thingys to check, but i dont like the idea of having a wireless connection to my cars computer on a permanent basis in case it gets hacked or something. I didnt really like the whole reflect off the windscreen OBD2 HUD i got from supercheap so I bought an AUTOOL X60 im planning to mount either above the steering wheel or up on the dash depending on how it looks. I'll put up some pics once it arrives if anyone is interested. I think it can view and clear codes too so it might be a handy thing. Looking forward to having a speedo thats accurate and digital - even if the factory clock was accurate its not the easiest thing to read IMO....

  11. Cam added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    370z soft top replacement
    Hi guys.
    I bought a 370 roadster recently and when i was checking it out i noticed a little tear starting. i didnt think much of it because my 350 soft top replacement was pretty straight forward, there was plenty of DIY literature and the tops were all over ebay.
    Now i own the thing, i went looking to buy a replacement top and....err....no literature and next to nothing available. crap.
    Help? Suggestions?
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  12. Cam added a post in a topic To PAC or not to PAC - tried both   

    I had to blur the screen so you couldnt see my terrible taste in music or background wallpapers!

  13. Cam added a post in a topic Metallic grinding / ticking noise when turning right   

    120k on the car. I don't believe it's the wheel bearings. If it was there would be grinding and movement when the wheel is off the ground but there isn't. I had the rear wheel off last night to see if I could see anything amiss but everything seemed fine. I put the wheel back on extra tight after noticing that the disc rotor had a little bit of play with the wheel off (is this normal???) And so far today I haven't heard the noise. I'd love to say I solved the issue but I think that's wishful thinking I'm waiting for it to return on any right hand bend. The take off clicking is there still but it always was..
  14. Cam added a post in a topic Metallic grinding / ticking noise when turning right   

    I took my usual mechanic (bloke from auto leaders) around the block today and replicated the noise for him. He was stumped, but believes it is coming from the rear wheel not the front where they had been focusing their attention. When we stopped he put his hand under the car and shook the driveshaft and there seemed to be a bit of play, and we were about to call that a win till he shook the opposite side where there is no noise and it was the same. He said he was happy to get it up on the hoist if I wanted to leave it with them again but instead suggested I see a specialised diff shop. I really can't be without my car now that I'm back to one so I just took the car home. Since it seems to have no impact at all on driveability (which is still amazing) I'm wondering if I should just ignore it till something falls off or at least becomes problematic enough to diagnose? It's worse than the normal 350z diff takeoff click (which it has had since I bought it) but certainly not a thump or a clunk like a worn CV joint. Someone suggested checking the torque of the centre nut but I'm reluctant to touch such things without a professional.
    I forgot to mention that I did Jack up the car and neither of the rear wheels have any bearing noise or wiggle
  15. Cam added a post in a topic Metallic grinding / ticking noise when turning right   

    I took it to auto leaders and they couldn't find anything got it home and it wasn't making the noise but I noticed it doing it again on the drive home tonight
  16. Cam added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Metallic grinding / ticking noise when turning right
    Hi guys.
    My 03 350 started making this sort of ticking / metallic grinding noise on the left side whenever I turn right with a bit of gusto (so I assume it's related to the weight transferring to the left hand side during the turn). I can't tell if it's coming from the front or rear wheel, but it doesn't seem to do it when driving straight, turning left or when turning right slowly or gently. I can't feel anything through the steering or any shuddering through the body when it's happening. It's a noise only, and a quite pronounced one at that. And ideas?
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  17. Cam added a topic in I.C.E   

    To PAC or not to PAC - tried both
    Hi everyone.
    Long time no post - I'm living in Mackay at the moment and so my Z rarely comes out of the garage.
    When i replaced my factory headunit with an aftermarket model I did some reading and and noticed that there were a lot of recommendations for the PAC unit and a lot of people saying that it wasnt needed as long as the replacement unit had RCA outputs at 4V. Being the cheapskate that I am, I found an RCA wiring loom and facia adaptor package on ebay for a bargain price and decided to go down that road. 
    It worked. Sure i might have had to hack up the back of the facia adaptor with a steak knife to make it fit and sure I swore a lot trying to get everything back in the way it came out but it worked and at the time, i called it a win.
    Months passed and It just never seemed to sound as good as the factory unit did. I thought i was imagining it but there seemed to be far more distortion and far less 'punch' than i remember. It wasnt as loud either but since i am more about the quality i turned a blind eye to that. I tried tweaking every setting that there was to tweak and was just never quite satified with the sound quality.
    Today, my PAC ROEM-NIS2 arrived. I wanted to give it a go. I wanted to know if it was any better.
    I'm a perfectionist and i like getting all the wiring properly bound and bundled and routed so that there is a zero chance of anything failing in the future, so it took me a good few hours. The PAC unit isnt exactly small and there is almost no free space behind that dash as it is, so I ended up re routing the stock audio loom to the space under that white box that the aircon controls plug into, installing the PAC there and the running the wires from the PAC back up to the rear of the headunit behind the white box.
    What an improvement!
    After having used both i can say to anyone wondering that there is just no competition between the PAC interface and just a regular RCA loom. Definitely buy the PAC. Totally different sound. The punch is back!
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  18. Cam added a topic in I.C.E   

    Manual control of factory amp
    Hi guys.
    just curious as to whether anyone has tried running a line level lead from the the 'sub out' socket of an aftermarket head unit direct to the factory bose subwoofer amp thereby allowing the subwoofer output to be increased at the head unit without increasing the bass from the cabin speakers? The new head unit looks great in the dash but In order to milk the factory amps and speakers of everything they can give, I was thinking of running a 100-200hz high pass filter on the cabin speakers to stop them distorting but this will choke the sub since this is where it gets its pickup from usually. If the sub amp can get its pickup direct from the head unit this should solve that issue. I know it would make sense to just replace everything but I'm genuinely not upset with the performance of the factory speakers - They just start distorting at much lower levels than I would expect.
    i have 3 months off as of last week so I'm ready for a few little projects - might give it a go.
    ahem...does anyone know which wires at the sub amp are the audio in???
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  19. Cam added a post in a topic Sludge In intake behind throttle body   

    thanks for that. ill put that project on the backburner for a little bit and see how she goes. There doesnt seem to be any performance issues at present and im haemorrhaging money at the moment. So far so good on that cam sensor but its too early to tell. Avoiding spending too much more money on her until i know shes not going to keep throwing temper tantrums on the roadside
  20. Cam added a post in a topic Sludge In intake behind throttle body   

    For sludge in the intake plenum?
  21. Cam added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Sludge In intake behind throttle body
    Gday all.
    last night when I had the throttle body off so I could replace the left cam position sensor I noticed that there was a lot of black sludge in there. I should have taken a picture but I was in a hurry and forgot. Seemed mostly on the floor of the pipe and looked like crusty dried oil. The throttle body itself was pretty clean by comparison (save for a little bit of a rusty watermark on the lower edge of the butterfly plate).
    any thoughts? It runs and idles nicely but as the car is new to me I can't say whether or not there is a loss of power but it doesn't feel like anything is wrong...
    id run some upper engine cleaner through it but there is just something I find frightening about spraying any liquids into my intake even though I'd have no hesitation to do it on my Jimny, which is basically unkillable.
    cheers :)
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  22. Cam added a post in a topic Hi from far north qld   

    Ill replace it with an exedy HD in good time they seem to be a popular choice. Anyhoo just finished replacing my left cam position sensor so in off for a drive around town. Got the racq on speed dial. Wish me luck!
  23. Cam added a post in a topic ODBII scan tool for 2003 350z?   

    Hi folks. First post and you probably all know this already but that nissandatascan is available in the andriod app store for 10 bucks under the name ndsii and works with those bluetooth obd2 plug in things - i havent played with it much because ive just been using it to clear some codes (p0345 grrrr) but i noticed rpm, water temp, airflow etc were all working. Theres a free version with ads too for you to have a looksee. Hope this helps - oh and mine is an 03 with the consult only obd port too.

  24. Cam added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi from far north qld
    Gday folks.
    Had my roadster for a coupe of months or so now. Have been absorbing your wisdom since then but i came out of hiding and joined earlier this evening after having a bit of success with my bluetooth obd2 and live data on my tablet with the old consult-only port, and thought id share (might be old info I'm not great with forum searching..)
    Ive so far replaced the vinyl convertible top, rear rotors, passenger side window motor, done some leather repairs on the seats (and dyed them black) and got the subwoofer amp working again temporarily by jamming up that dodgy relay.
    Still on the to-do list include the cam angle sensors (please please please let this work im so over this P0345 bullshit - parts on the way), actually replacing that subwoofer amp relay, replacing the factory head unit (parts on the way), properly cleaning out or replacing those seat motor switches (only work sometimes) and maybe the clutch in the long term (i would like a little more grab when i get a bit violent with my clutch - it seems to slip if i drop it a bit too hard).
    I recently bought a second car just for fun (04 suzuki jimny) but it has now become my daily driver (A: because ive grown tired of breaking down and B: because its easier to drive around town and C: im not paranoid about parking it in any of the sketchy places that make up 90% of Mackay) so i can afford to waste a bit of time stuffing around. The local mechanics were very quick to wipe their hands of anything electrical (but are all to happy to replace anything i want replaced for a horrendously exorbitant fee) and the local parts stores have absolutely nothing in stock for this car as it is not a toyota landcruiser, holden commodore or hyundai getz, so it looks like i might be relying on these forums and ebay quite a bit.

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