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  1. Lachie113 added a post in a topic New member and Z Owner in Adelaide   

    Thanks mate! that would be great! ill keep a look out
  2. Lachie113 added a post in a topic Replacing clutch, need advice   

    Thanks mate Ill look into it!
  3. Lachie113 added a post in a topic Replacing clutch, need advice   

    okay thanks for your help! I'm ordering a clutch and flywheel in the next few days, I'm doin for a single mass conversion p
  4. Lachie113 added a post in a topic Replacing clutch, need advice   

    perfect!! That's exactly what I wanted to hear just wasn't sure about flywheel
    i have a friend who seems to think the clutch isn't engaging properly as if I put my foot down in 3rd or 4th etc it revs up to around 5000rlm but then drops down before picking up speed 
  5. Lachie113 added a post in a topic [DIY] Interior - Passenger door handle   

    You sir are a genius! I wish I read this before I got a new handle from Nissan,
      Now I just need the chrome bit to clip on as mines stuffed haha
  6. Lachie113 added a topic in Introductions   

    New member and Z Owner in Adelaide
    Hey everyone!
    I was just recommended to these forums by the previous owner of my new 350, got some plans for it for the future but for now just loving drivng it! 
    Haven't changed much on it yet at all except adjusted the coilovers to sit evenly and a new headunit

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  7. Lachie113 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Replacing clutch, need advice
    HI guys recently purchased a 350Z and have decided to join the forums for help and advice
    my clutch has decided to pretty much start dying and slipping on me after driving a little too hard, so its time to replace it.
    my questions is as I am being told different things by different people
    being a dual mass flywheel do I need to replace both clutch and fly wheel? as some people tell me if the fly wheel is okay I could replace only the clutch place (around $350 from Nissan)
    Other options are to get a conversion to a single flywheel or get another dual mass fly wheel clutch kit. 
    I've also been told that if I go heavy duty they aren't the best to drive with and considering its my daily I want a comfortable clutch. 
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated everyone!
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